Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th December 2020 Written Update: Kiara mocks Rani in front of Rajeshwari’s friends

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rani searches food in kitchen but didn’t found anything and says God gave 2 hands then why should she eat food with fork and knife and because of that she didn’t ate anything and wonders to do saying she is so hungry now.

Kumud comes there and gives food plate to her and tells her to eat. She says Rani should not worry because soon this family will accept her as their daughter in law. Rani says everyone forcing her to do this and that but no one asked what she wants to do. Kumud says she can understand her situation and tells her to eat first. Rani says Kumud is so good that’s why she brought food for her.

Kumud informs her that Veer didn’t eat anything yet and tells her to take his food to the room. Rani refuses to take food for him. Kumud reminds her about her promise she made to Ramadheer and says to become a good daughter in law she has to take care of this family. Veer was talking with someone about surgery and Rani shows the food plate to him saying everyone ate so it’s for him. He says he is not hungry and tells her to take the plate from here.

She says he should not disrespect food like this. He scolds her saying she gave chance to Jay to talk nonsense. She says what she did when everything was Jay’s mistake. He says he is saying for her betterment only. She tells him to confess his crime if he wants to do anything for her then. He says that won’t happen never so tells her to not bring that topic again. She tells him to not interfere in her matters and says no one can stop her from reaching her destination.

Jay instigates Nanthini against Rani. Nanthini tells him to not talk about Rani. He says they should invite one more guest. Rajmata greets Rajeshwari’s friends. They says they could not come for marriage so came to meet their daughter in law and asks about Rajeshwari. Padmini welcomes them. Rani comes there. Rajeshwari’s friend tells Rani to bring the daughter in law of this house.

Kiara comes there and introduces Rani as Veer’s wife. Everyone shocks hearing her. They asks why Veer married her and insults her. Padmini meets Kiara and praises her. Kiara goes to meet Veer. Padmini tells Rani to introduce herself to the guests in English. Everyone makes fun of her. Padmini insults Ramadheer. Rajmata says Padmini just exaggerating the things because she is angry. Rajeshwari’s friends mocks Rani. Rajmata tells Rani to go to Veer.

Padmini tells her to take snacks for him. Rani and Rajmata looks at her. Padmini says she forgot that she is not servant now. Rajmata orders servant to take snacks for Veer. Padmini thinks today’s mission accomplished and soon she has to throw her out of the house. Kiara says seems like Veer is tensed and says now she is not angry at him because she knows that it was not his mistake. Rani comes there and asks didn’t he ate food. Kiara looks at the food plate and says Veer is allergic to mushrooms and tells her to ask her if she wants to know anything about him. Rani leaves the room and thinks why she is feeling strange

Episode ends.

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