Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th December 2020 Written Update: Roli steals her classmate’s pen

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shubhra giving kuldeep his favourite paratha while he says that he is getting late, she comes to him and starts making him eat with her hands, he goes inside while she keeps following him, she apologized to him for yesterday’s fight while he says that he have already forgiven her. She ask whether he likes the paratha or not? As she have made it same as his grandmother while she shows her one curry leave saying that his grandmother doesn’t put curry in paratha, to which she bites her tongue making him smile, she declares that one day she will surely make perfect punjabi paratha. He ask what she needs? To which she says that she just wants his forgiveness, she smiles and compliments him while he replies that he have meeting with samaira and leaves biding bye to her.
Shubhra thinks about the party and says that she have to buy gift before evening.

Rishi ask Roli that why she didn’t told about complaint letter to their parents in the morning? To which she ask him to be quite as no-one can caught her for forging the sign, at that time they sees their grandmother and thanked her for sending food to them while she smiles.
She goes inside temple and starts praying with other ladies, one lady starts praying loudly making her irked. Meanwhile she prays for Shubhra and her family.

Roli sees her classmate with a pen and takes it from her to see but then teacher entered the class and asked roli to show her diary, she caught the forged sign and takes Roli to principal while Rishi saw her and imagines her getting punishment and worries for her while his teacher ask him to concentrate in class.

Roli starts her fake emotional drama in front of principal saying that she didn’t showed the diary to her parents as they always punish them brutally, principal feels pity and consoles her.

Kuldeep and Samaira keeps discussing about the project while she gets impressed with his ideas, she offers him to come with her to Mumbai.

Shubhra gets principal’s call who ask her to come to school while she calls Kuldeep but he cuts her call and continues talking with Samaira, she asked if he had fight with his wife? To which he says when they don’t fight. Samaira ask they had love marriage then why so much misunderstandings between them and further they start talking about his life.

Shubhra reaches school while principal scold her for punishing her childrens to which Shubhra denies while principal shows the diary to her and told what Roli informed them, Shubhra was about to say something when principal says that she is doing something wrong in parenting and even scolded kuldeed for not coming here. Rishi says to Roli that their mother won’t leave her while Shubhra glares her.

Shubhra’s mother was going out of temple when saw the same lady laughing with other womens, she shakes her head and then both starts fighting for silly reasons.

Roli tries to ask sorry from Shubhra while she glares her, at that time shubhra’s friend ask her to send the childrens in the birthday party, Shubhra got Rishi ready while didn’t allowed Roli to go, Roli keeps requesting but Shubhra ignored her.

Kuldeep goes to drink coffee with samaira and they shares some happy moments.

Shubhra punsihed Roli and asked her to stand inside a circle drawn by her, she ask roli to be silent and resumed her work furiously. Roli getting a chance moves out of circle and dials her father’s number from shubhra’s phone, Samaira gives kuldeep phone to him while he attended it, roli request him to come home but he interrupted her and cuts the call. At that time he banged a lady from his car while both gets shocked. He goes out to help the lady while she keeps blaming him and slapped him, Samaira couldn’t bear it and starts fighting with the women, kuldeep takes her aside and ask the women to help while she curses him and goes from there with teary eyes.
Kuldeed revealed that the women was his mother and is not happy with his marriage while samaira looks at him in disbelief. Kuldeep and Samaira plans for a dayout and shares some happy moments.

Rishi enjoyed the birthday party while everyone ask him to dance and he agreed. Roli hears the music and stands on a table to get a view. Rishi danced on zingaat song while everyone applaud for him, meanwhile he imagines his father appreciating and enjoying with him and smiles.

Shubhra gives food to roli inside the circle while she denies to have it, shubhra gets angry with her behaviour and was about to slap when Kuldeep comes there and stopped her, Roli complains to kuldeep about her mother.

Later at night Rishi told about what all he did in birthday party to Roli while she ignores him, he gives her a plate of snacks which he brought for her from the party while she eats it happily.

Shubhra told about what Roli did in school while Kuldeep says that he will talk to her, Shubhra says that they have to punish children for their mistakes while Kuldeep makes her understand that it’s their age to do pranks while she smiles.

Rishi sees a new pen in Roli’s side and questions her about it while she tries to ignores him but he stands in front of her saying that she must have stolen it!

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