Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Rajeshwari yells at Vikram

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Episode begins with Rani cries recalling her marriage and hallucinates Ramadheer infront of her. He says she is his strong daughter, his dream about  her marriage broke already and gives the bangles and dress he bought for her. She says she doesn’t need all this but she just wants his support and tells him to stay with her and not go away from her.

 He says that’s not possible and leaves her hand saying he has to go now. She wakes up and realises that it was her dream. Shanti tells her to get up saying its morning. Champa mocks Rani saying now they has to do all of her works. Shanti tells her to stop talking but Champa refuses to listen her and says now this servant become their owner.

Shanti tells Rani that she can’t stay in this place because its for servants and her place is Veer’s room from now on. Rani says he doesn’t even want to see her face and throw her out of his room saying she can’t stay there with him. She says she is really not understanding what’s happening with her and also she didn’t eat anything yesterday too, so much happened already with her.

Champa tells Shanti not be so innocent especially when she has to deal with Rani. Shanti was taking Rani with her. Rajmata notices them and tells Shanti to do her work saying she wants to talk to Rani. Shanti leaves from there. Rajmata asks from where Rani coming. Rani says she slept in her room only.

Rajmata calls Nanthini and tells her to take Rani to Veer’s room and do the ritual as a sister in law of her. Nanthini says its forced marriage for Veer. Rajmata says whatever she said yesterday was not just for Rajeshwari,its for everyone  and tells her to take Rani to Veer’s room. Rani knocks Veer’s room. He opens the room and closes it  seeing Rani there. He again opens it hearing knocking sound.

Nanthini says from today Rani will stay with him in this room and asks him to give money to her according to the ritual. Veer asks did she lost  it. She tells him to ask the person who sent her here. Seeing  Rajmata there he gives money to Nanthini. Nanthini leaves from there. Rajmata says circumstances could be different but he married her so Rani will stay in his room only.

Kumud tells Vikram that she wants to talk to him if he gives permission then. He says she need not to ask permission to talk to her. She tells him to talk to Veer because he is stressed and only he can talk to him now. He says she is right and he will talk to Veer.  Rajeshwari who heard their conversation scolds Vikram.

When he tried to defend him she yells at him. He leaves from there. Rajeshwari says already a person like her entered her family now she is poking her nose in their personal matters also. She tells her to concentrate on her work because she has lot of things to do. Kumud nods at her and leaves from there.

Veer says he can’t oppose Rajmata’s decision  that’s why he is letting her stay in this room. She says she also doesn’t have any other choice than living in this room. He says because of her entry in his life he lost all respect he earned and also he is feeling suffocated to stay with her in this room. She says her father suffering in jail because of him but he feels suffocated.

Veer sees Rajeshwari and tries to talk to her but she ignores him. Rajeshwari asks about breakfast. Servant says he thought daughter in law will do her first rasoi today. Rajmata tells him to start the preparation for Rani’s first rasoi.

She tells Rajeshwari that they has to follow all the rituals saying its her house so she should follow the rituals to fulfill her duty. She says she is not telling her to accept Rani today itself but she has to give chance to Rani. Rajeshwari thinks today she will show Rani that servant ‘s daughter will be servant only not her daughter in law.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rani says she doesn’t know cooking. Kumud says she will help her.

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