Appnapan 20th September 2022 Written Update: Nick sneaks out to meet Sonali!

Appnapan 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi seeing Nick and Sonali in kitchen. Nick asks in which bottle medicine is kept? Sonali tries to answer it when Nick says I am asking Pallavi. Sonali is shocked to see Pallavi. Sonali says I came to take water, you still have digestion issue? You should try ajwain water. Pallavi comes to Nick and says this bottle. Nick and Pallavi both leave. Sonali gets upset and throws things in kitchen. In the room, Nick takes medicine and feels uncomfortable. Pallavi gives a desi remedy. Nick says I don’t want it, it won’t work. Pallavi still gives the remedy and makes Nick sit and gives him a head massage. Nick says I know you are under a lot of pain still I appreciate that you are taking care of me. Pallavi says what will you do to keep quiet?

Pallavi makes Nick lay down and does his head massage. Nick says let me go down and sleep before I sleep here on the bed. Pallavi says you are not well so you sleep here, I will go down. Nick says sleeping down will make me feel cold and is good for my back too. Pallavi says your back is okay but stomach is not so sleep here. Nick goes and lays his bed down and says I will sleep here. Pallavi thinks sometimes I feel I don’t know you at all, you do something so unexpectedly and sometime you do the expecting thing wrong, you are so difficult to understand, after so many years also I care for you.

Here, Gagan asks Badal isn’t Harsh behaving so calm. Badal says he is our elder brother don’t say like that. Gagan says even you are behaving odd, and tell me how do you know Sonali? She acts so frankly with you. Badal says it’s not like that, I just behave nicely with elders unlike you. Here, Barkha is messaging Ishan and he is not replying so she gets angry. Mana is listening to music when suddenly Ishan calls Mana so Mana ignores it and tells Barkha that it was Nandita she calls me anytime and I have no mood to talk. While Barkha keeps on messaging Ishan about how they spent such beautiful time together, Ishan messages the same things as voice note to Mana. Mana feels emotional but doesn’t reply. Similiarly, Barkha is also kept on seenzone by Ishan so she feels upset. Mana goes from there feeling sad about Ishan and her.

Sonali tells Nandita how she was this close to spend time with Nick when Pallavi came there, she ruined all my plan. Nandita says I was not sure if Pallavi hated Nick but now I am sure now that she still has feelings for him. Sonali says seeing Nick how handsome and established he is, anyone can fall for him. Nandita says a man always falls for a person’s beauty so use that as you are so beautiful. Sonali says yes true. Sonali starts thinking how to make Pallavi hate Nick.

Pallavi wakes up and sees Nick is not in the room so she goes to Kitchen and finds Nick and Sonali very close to each other. She gets shocked. She sees Dadi come in the direction of kitchen so she panicks and makes Sonali hide. Pallavi pretends like Nick is romancing with her. Dadi says you guys are behaving as newly weds only. Pallavi helps Dadi fill her water bottle. Dadi says come with me to rooms. Nick goes with her. Pallavi drinks water while Sonali says see how Nick feels for me and protected me, I think soon Dadi will also know, infact I was thinking to tell her now. Pallvi screams and gets angry. It turns out to be Pallavi’s dream.

Pallavi sweats but then calms herself. She sees Nick not there for real and worries if her dream will come true. She goes to the kitchen and finds Sonali smile and a male voice coming. Pallavi goes inside to find that Sonali is watching some video. Sonali pretends that she couldn’t sleep so she was watching the video. Pallavi ignores her and takes migrane medicine. Sonali mixes some medicine in water and gives the bottle to Pallavi. Pallavi drinks it. Pallavi asks Sonali why are you here? Sonali says you are my family.

Pallavi says Dadi and Nick are my family, Dadi is really sick I don’t want her health to detoriate. Sonali says I know and I know how you and Nick are faking the marriage. Pallavi asks how do you know? Sonali says everyone in the family knows. Pallavi ignores her and goes to room. Nick asks Pallavi where she was? Pallavi says I woke up and didn’t find you too. Nick says I was in washroom and when I came out you were not there. Pallavi says I was not getting sleep so I went to get water. They both go to sleep.

Precap – Dadi worries for Pallavi’s health. Nick calls doctor for Pallavi. The morning puja starts so Sonali asks Nick to not use phone. Pallavi wakes up late and then comes to see Sonali and Nick doing aarti.

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