Arman and Abhira’s secret marriage twist in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all set for a marriage twist. In a shocking turn of events, Abhira will end up marrying Arman. The Poddars will refuse to accept Abhira. 


In today’s episode, Arman gets restless to talk with Ruhi. He searches for Ruhi’s number. Arman tries to call Abhira to get Ruhi’s number. Abhira refuses to talk with Arman.

Ruhi thinks Arman visited her house. She gets excited. Rohit visited the Goenkas. He introduces himself to the Goenkas. Ruhi stands stunned. He waits for Arman. Rohit asks the Goenkas to keep the gifts. Ruhi waits for Arman’s call. Manish asks Rohit to thank Mrs.Poddar. Rohit asks for gifts. Manish for not sending Soan Papadi. He decided to eat the sweets. Ruhi thinks Arman would have called her, at least. She further asks Manish to avoid the sweets. Rohit thinks Ruhi is looking cute while scolding. He imagines Ruhi might look cuter while smiling.

The poddars’ gather to do the Puja. Rohit wonders why the family seems tense. Arman and Mrs. Poddar avoid each other. 

In the upcoming episode, Arman will meet Ruhi at the temple. He will confess his love and promise to marry her. Ruhi will fall deeply in love with Arman. Elsewhere, Abhira will be abducted by Yuvraj. He will force Abhira to marry him. How Abhira will deal with Arman will be interesting to watch.

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