Baarish 6th April 2020 Written Update: Anuj is unable to impress his clients

Baarish 6th April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Gauravi lawyer who thinks that I’m wasting my time in Gauravi case but I still want to know that why is Gauravi helping a man who doesn’t even care about her. Later the Lawyer came to Gauravi and ask her, did you have your food. Gauravi nods her head in yes. Then he asks Gauravi what happened after your marriage. Gauravi tells him about those three months which she spends with Anuj.

Gauravi tells her lawyer that I and Anuj shared some sweet and sour moments in those three months. I still remember that one day, Anuj is worried about his business meeting, he is waiting for Rishi as Rishi is the who always helps him in meetings. Then I go to him and asks him, what happened to you, is anything wrong. Anuj says I am waiting for Rishi, he does not arrive yet, and we are getting late for our meeting. Gauravi says, but you told me before that you know about the project then why don’t you go and present the project material to your clients. Anuj tells her that I don’t know how to speak English and my clients are foreigners. Gauravi says, just give it a try, I believe that you can do it.

After a moment Rishi came he hears everything and he said to Anuj that Gauravi is right you can do it. Later at business meeting, Anuj is trying to speak in English but he is unable to do so. Clients  tells him that we are not getting your point but it’s nice to meet you and about the project please mail us. And clients leave from there. Meanwhile, Rishi came and asks Anuj about the presentation. Anuj tells him that everything is fine but they asking me to mail them the details. Rishi says this is not good as when clients are not want to make partnership with us that when they use this mail thing as an excuse. But it’s okay mota Bhai, I will handle everything later. But you need to stop listening Gauravi in every matter as she doesn’t know about this kind of meeting thinks. And today because of her our deal gets spoiled.

Anuj says, I think you are right. Later at night, Gauravi comes to Anuj and asks him about meeting. Anuj says, today because of you we lost this project from our hands. Gauravi asks him, I did not understand why are you blaming me, I just wanted to help you. Anuj says, you know very well that I can’t speak in English still you tell me to present the project and because of this, we lost this deal. I think you don’t know me, so next time please don’t give me any advice of yours. And Anuj leaves from there. Gauravi also feels sad as Anuj scolds her.

Anuj went to Rishi. Rishi asks him to chill as this is just a minor think. Let’s have some drinks and everything will be fine. Anuj says, no I can’t drink, you know very well that i never drink alcohol. Rishi says, just one or two shots of alcohol will never harm your body so have it. Meanwhile Falguni also arrives there and says, Anuj don’t feel sad about what happened today. We are with you. We are always here to help you out from your problems so don’t worry. Later Gauravi calls Anuj but Falguni picks up her call and tells her that Anuj is with me, we are having some conversation so he talk to you later. (Episode end)