Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th January 2023 Written Update: Ram and Priya get married

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati tying the gathbandhan of Ram and Priya. Priya thanks Ram for uniting Ram with his real mother. Nandini is scared of Ram discovering the truth, then she won’t be able to blackmail Swati. Pihu is happy that her parents are getting married again and gives credit to her future sister, whom she will call Junior P. Swati is asked to give the nuptial chain to Ram. Ram fills Priya’s hairline. He thanks Priya in his mind for reuniting him with his real mother. Ram ties the nuptial chain around Priya’s neck. Priya thinks in mind that their family is completed with the returning of Swati and she considers it as a blessing. She believes that no one can break their family now. Priya thanks Swati for coming to their wedding. The priest announces that Priya and Ram are married. The couple take the elders’ blessings. 

Ram and Priya are confused when Swati wants to leave the wedding venue. Swati says that Priya made her come here by deceiving her. She says that Priya lied to her that he was allergic to smoke. Priya wonders why Swati wants to go away from Ram when she cares about him. Lakhan is also confused about Swati’s decision. Swati says that she has come here so that they don’t get blamed, like every time, if anything happens to Ram. Ram asks Swati why she left him. He demands to know why his dad lied to him about Swati being dead. Ram and Priya are shocked when they learn that Nandhini knew that Swati is alive. Priya doubts that Nandhini is responsible for Swati’s behavior. Nandhini says that Ram’s dad made her swear not to tell Ram the truth. Ram urges Swati to tell him what really happened. Swati lies that she left as Ram’s dad doesn’t have money, which Priya and Ram refuse to believe. Nandhini puts on an emotional act and asks Swati why she has returned. 

Ram places Swati’s hand on his chest and asks her to say if she’s really saying the truth. Swati lies again that she left Ram’s dad for money. She blames Ram’s dad for working as a servant at Yash’s house. She says that, therefore, she cursed him and he died in a car accident, shocking Ram and Priya. Ram is dejected that Swati wanted his dad’s death and lashes out at her. Lakhan warns Ram not to misbehave with his mom. Ram says that she’s also his mom. He shouts at Swati. Lakhan asks Ram to lower his voice tone. Lakhan and Ram fight. Swati stops Lakhan. Lakhan and Ram argue. Lakhan says that Ram doesn’t know how to keep any relationship, so everyone  has left him, including Swati. Ram blames Swati’s upbringing for Lakhan’s behavior. Lakhan raises his hand to slap Ram. Ram holds his hand. He threatens to get Lakhan arrested. He asks Swati and Lakhan to get out. Priya asks Swati to stop and prove whatever she said is true. Swati asks Priya to check on the belongings of Ram’s dad. She says that she will find a letter that she left for him in this and will find out that her every words are true. Swati leaves, taking Lakhan along with her. Swati regrets hurting Ram again, but feels relieved that he will be out of danger now. Priya doubts that Swati lied. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Meera says to Ram not to trust anyone easily including herself and Swati. She shows him a box and says that she brought a proof for her affection for him.