Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 17th January 2023 Written Update: Ali bravely faces Bala

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 17th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mustafa telling Simsim that Ali Baba will destroy her and the thieves. She won’t be able to go back to the human world again as well. Simsim gets shocked hearing that. Farishta kills all the snakes efficiently and Hasan gets impressed seeing his action. He says he has become his fan. He asks Farishta why the latter is hiding his face with mask. Farishta recalls the mishap and says they have to find the cave of Bala soon. Mustafa says he won’t let Simsim win but he will destroy his world to take revenge from her. He disappears and Simsim says her love story cant end like this. She is the protector of the cave and she can’t die like this. She seeks help from the evil power to get saved. The destruction starts and there Alifi observes that Dadi’s health is worsening. She calls the doctor to check her.

Khusro and Poya reach the Monk’s place. They assume that Farishta might have visited the place. They find the injured monk who reveals he could not escape from Thieves and Farishta went somewhere where danger is waiting for him. Poya says they are searching for Farishta too. There Farishta cautions Hasan not to look at Bala’s eyes else he will turn into a stone. Farishta shows some human stones to Hasan who looked at Bala’s eyes earlier. Hasan gets scared and Farishta scolds him for being careless. He saves Hasan from an arrow which is thrown by Bala.

Farishta and Hasan run away from her and hide behind the stones. Bala says they can’t hide from her for long. Hasan says he was waiting for this moment to appear. He likes to play with risk. There the drunkard finds Simsim coming towards him, Alifi thinks she has to handle Poya as the latter is feeling alone without Nafi. There thieves check that the snakes are dead and Farishta might have defeated them. Farishta asks Hasan to go to different direction and Bala throws another arrow at Farishta. There Alifi gets shocked on finding Simsim in the house again. Simsim asks about Dadi and the latter says Dadi is not home but she went outside. Simsim says she will talk to her urgently. Alifi thinks how Simsim came back. Poya tells Monk that he wants to save his brother Nafi. Monk assures him he will come back for sure and Farishta will be there save him.

Simsim thinks her thieves will find Ali soon, Bala keeps throwing arrows at Farishta and the latter defeats her with his sword. Thieves wait for Ali to come so that they can kill him on the spot.

Precap – Simsim tells the thieves that Bala will kill Ali for sure. Bala attacks Ali and the latter’s mask gets opened.