Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th October 2022 Written Update: Priya’s surprises fails Nandini’s plan!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya saying you are Pihu’s dadi so you can give her anything. Priya takes Nandini’s blessing. Nandini thinks Shubham must have done his job. Here, Shubham is trying to set the crackers. Vikrant gives the papers to Ram. Nandini says give me the papers, I will keep them in mandir. Ram says no no, you enjoy the party. Nandini thinks soon this party will be your biggest regret. Ram comes and thanks Priya. Priya says Nandini is Pihu’s dadi so I have no problem. Ram says I am so happy everything is going well.

Here, Sandy and Ishan are eating when Shubham goes to them. Shubham tells Ishan that me and Nandini are not upset with you so you don’t have to feel like this, I saw your doll house I felt you should add lights. Ishan says great, but how? Shubham says I am here. They both go while Sandy thinks it’s good to see Shubham in positive way. Priya wonders soon puja will start so I have to give surprise fast. Priya gors from there and Pihu takes Ram behind Priya. Brinda and Adi start dancing. Here, Ishan shows Shubham how the roof top can be lifted. Shubham learns it.

Here, Sara, Vikrant and Pihu dance when Priya also comes. Ram adores Priya and Pihu dance. Ram also joins them. They all dance happily. Here, Ishan is putting light when Shubham drops a doll and makes Ishan find it meanwhile he puts crackers at few parts of the doll house. Ishan finds it and asks Shubham why are you doing this? Shubham is surprised.

Priya and Ram dance on a romantic song. Pihu enjoys it while Priya blushes. Ram sees Priya gone. Here, Ishan says I don’t understand why you are helping me after so much has happened. Shubham thinks thank god he didn’t see the crackers. Shubham says let’s set this doll house first. After it is done, Shubham says it was not your mistake so I have nothing against you. They leave. Later, Priya with her girls gang dance on bole chudiyan. Ram and Priya get mesmerized by each other. Nandini gets hold of the papers and hides it. Sandy comes to call her to dance but she says no. Ram and Priya’s performance continues. Priya says I want to say infront of all that with you and Pihu being with me it’s the best time for me so I want to propose you to become a happy family forever. Priya kneels down. Ram says you do the magic with your eyes and then ask this, I was and will always be yours, I always found myself in you, I feel so connected to you and when you express such emotions publically, I love you more. Ram kisses Priya’s hand and head. They get emotional. Nandini feels irritated and shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shubham asks for splitting the property. Ram is shocked. Pihu asks Ishan to switch on the doll house. Ishan switches it on and there is a blast.

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