Sundari 25th October 2022 Written Update: Kumar in a picke

Sundari 25th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick crying holding Anu’s hand. He says to her that he did a wrong to her. He shouldn’t have gave sleeping pills to her. Meanwhile, Mallika asks Sundari what did the doctor said to her?

Sundari tells her that the doctor wants to take few more test to her. Sundari assure her that nothing will happen to her. Mallika tells her that Anu already lost her first baby. She isn’t able to see another loss.

Mallika tells her that she won’t leave her husband. If something happen to her. Murugan adds that he performed Sundari’s marriage with Kartick. Though he is taking a good care on her. Doesn’t Anu married him according to her wish. Then why did she take such wrong decision.

Murugan complaining to Mallika that Anu was in this state though her husband didn’t pay a visit to her. Doesn’t he have humanity? He adds that he will correct everything in her life after she got well. Sundari says to him that Mallika already worrying for Anu’s health. Stop hurting her more.

Murugan nods with her. Karthick inquire Sundari what did doctor said to them? Sundari informs him that they asked them to take few more test to her for further treatment.

Later, Krishna noticed Malini lost in her thoughts. He asks her what’s bothering her? Malini says to him that he tied knot with her after so much struggle. Sundari went to hospital. Then Sundari tried to stab Arun.

Now Murugan arranged Thaali perukkal function but Karthick was hospitalized. She doesn’t feel good. Whenever they are arranging some functions new problems arriving here. Krishna says to her that Arun was the reason behind everything. He was planning worst to take revenge on them. Why don’t she take it in a positive way.

How much he planned to kill them nothing worked out. Everything went according to Sundari’s plan. But what happened to Kartick is just an accident. Even police arrested Arun. Malini complaints that he escaped from the police. Krishna locks the door for the safety.

Appatha asks Krishna why he is locking every door? Krishna tells him that Malini fears that Arun will come again to trouble them. Appatha asks them to leave this matter to her. She will make sure he won’t return from here alive. Krishna consoles her and leaves.

Later, Kartick asks Sundari why didn’t she inform him that Mallika aware of the truth. Sundari asks him what’s the need to inform him. Karthick says to her that he wasn’t in a mood to argue with her.

Sundari questions him what’s Anu’s mistake in it? What did that Unborn baby did to him? Both were bearing the pain because of him. Karthick asks her doesn’t he have care on his baby. He cares for them more then anyone.

Sundari complaints that Mallika and Sundari were affected by him though they are punished for his mistakes. Later, Sidharth calls Murugan to inquire Whether everything is safe in home? He reveals to him that Arun escaped from the police.

Palani remembers his past. He regrets his deeds. He shares with his brother that he wasted his half of his life to take revenge on Murugan family. But Sundari is always helping her indirectly. He wants to save her family from Arun. Meanwhile Kumar comes there to get money from Karthick.

He noticed Palani there. He about to go there noticed Arun keeping an eye on them. He hides behind the tree to keep an eye on Arun. Meanwhile, Anu gets concious. Everyone gets panic seeing her faint again.

Episode end