Bahu Begam: Shayra is in dilemma reagrding Noor’s condition

Colors TV show Bahu Begam is all set for a high voltage drama with exciting twists and turns. In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Noor lost her mother and fiancee in a fire accident caused by Shayra. Noor starts hating Shayra to the core and tries suicide but Shayra saves her on time. Azaan makes Noor understand that it’s not Shayra’s fault and it’s just an accident. Noor agrees to Azaan’s words and wants to have a talk with Shayra.

Later it’s revealed that Noor has lied about forgiving Shayra in front of Azaan and she has some other plans. Noor demands Azaan from Shayra and shows her the Mehendi with Azaan’s name in it. Shayra gets shocked and denies doing so as Azaan loves her and not Shayra but Noor believes that it’s her and Azaan who are meant to be destined together.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Noor blackmails Shayra with suicide if she doesn’t give divorce to Azaan. Shayra will even have nightmares of Noor’s death and gets scared. Noor will give two days time for Shayra to take some decision. Shayra decides to reveal Noor’s face to Azaan and Razia but Noor stops her from doing so. Noor gets jealous when she sees Azaan and Shayra romancing and will keep threatening Shayra.

Shayra decides to reveal everything to Razia but gets shocked seeing Noor in the place of Razia. Noor once again threatens her with death if she tries revealing her true intentions to Azaan or Razia. Later Noor all of a sudden goes missing and everyone gets panicked but Shayra says that she knows where Noor will be. She drives with Azaan and Razia to the place.

What happened to Noor and what decision will Shayra take will be revealed in upcoming episodes

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