Bahu Begum 29th July 2019 Written Update:- Noor world crushes down, blame falls on Shayra

The episode starts with Shayra is accepting that it was she who left the kitchen at last. She says that she left the kitchen after making sheer khurma. Razia asks whether she switched off the gas to which Shayra replied that she’s sure she did. Suraiya creates drama in the house saying that Shayra killed two lives because of her mistake. Razia shouts at her to keep quiet but Suraiya says that she will shut her mouth but not the world. She says Shayra spoiled Noor’s life by killing Faiz and her mom. Azaan says that she didn’t do it intentionally but by mistake.


Suraiya further continues that her one mistake has killed two lives. She says that she’ll inform this not only to Noor but also the entire world but Azaan stops her.
Shayra says that Chachi is right and leaves to inform Noor about her mistake. Azaan tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Shayra confesses to Noor that she’s responsible for the fire. She says that it all happened as she didn’t close the gas valve properly. She keeps asking forgiveness but Noor remains still. It’s like she’s already aware of the truth. Suddenly the maid informs Azaan that police has arrived.

Police inform the family that they are here to arrest Shayra for the murder of Faiz and Yasmeen. Azaan shouts at them and asks about the person who filed the complaint for which Noor steps forward accepting it to be her. Everyone gets shocked by this. Azaan asks how can she do it when she’s well aware of Shayra’s nature. Noor says that she did all this as she overheard all their conversation. Flashback is shown with Noor standing at the door and listening to everything happened between Azaan, Shayra, and Razia.


Suraiya also reminisces seeing Noor at the doorstep and intentionally provoked her by doing extra drama. Noor says that Shayra killed her mother for which Shayra tells that she didn’t do anything intentionally. Noor says that her tears can’t bring her mom back alive. Azaan tries to convince Noor but she remains determined to punish Shayra. Noor asks the police to take the murderer away. She left the place while Azaan asks the police to wait until he returns and runs after Noor.

Police step forward to handcuff Shayra but Razia stops them from doing so. She says that her bahu’s hands shouldn’t be handcuffed at any cost. Police says these are rules and she should abide by it no matter who she is. Police says that a murderer will be treated only this way. Suraiya reminisces bribing the police to take away Shayra with utmost insult for sending her son away from the mansion and insulting him.

Noor sees her burnt room and reminisces her moments with her mom. Azaan calls out for her but she closes the door and locks it from inside before he could reach her. Azaan tries to make Noor understand but his efforts get wasted.

Police arrest Shayra and start taking her away. In the meantime, Noor recalls her moments with her mom and cries hard. Azaan says that Shayra did it by mistake and ask her to understand for which Noor says that a mistake is considered to be a mistake only if it burns a dupatta but Shayra burnt three lives and it can never be forgiven. Noor finally opens the door and Azaan looks at the burnt room.

Noor says that he’s worried about Shayra leaving the house but her mother has left the world. Noor says that he proved no matter how much deep friendship maybe it always fails in front of love while Azaan looks at her defeated. Noor asks Azaan to leave the place and falls down devastated. Shayra is seen taken away by the police while the whole media keeps questioning her. She remains quiet. Only words of Noor kept ringing in her ears.

Precap : Shayra is taken away in police van while Azaan runs after it. The police handles Shayra badly and Azaan gets furious.