Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29 July 2019 Written Update-Saltanat slams Kainaat for crossing her limit

The episode begins with morning strikes in the walls of Shah Manzil. Saltanat in a try to open the door drags herself toward it. She gets up to knock but feels dizzy and faints there. Here in the room, Kainaat gets up and wishes Zaroon good morning and says to him yesterday night was the best night of our lives. My plan worked finally and then she looks at Zaroon and says whatever happened last night was not your fault.

Here Neelam is walking in the corridor when she hears the sound of someone and opens the lock. She gets shocked to see Saltanat inside and rescue her. She asks Saltanat how she ends up here? Saltanat didn’t answer anything and leave the place. Kainaat checked the clock and says it is time for Saltanat to get up and starts the countdown . Saltanat enters her room and gets fumed to see Kainaat is sitting besides Zaroon. She drags Kainaat out of the bed and slaps her though Kainaat remains unmoved. Saltanat says Neelam saved me while Kainaat thanked Neelam for not rescuing Saltanat yesterday night or else she will not be able to complete her first night with Zaroon. Saltanat shouts and cries and said I thought that slapping you will give me happiness but here I am feeling disgusted by myself as I touched you. Saltanat looks at Zaroon and goes to him and asks him to get up. She sees Zaroon is not moving at all while Kainaat remembered how last night Zaroon slept because of drinking both glass of milk. However, Kainaat thinks it is not known to anybody except you and me. Saltanat asks Neelam to bring water for Zaroon and asks her not to tell anybody as it is about her husband’s dignity and she will not let any black spot referring to Kainaat on it. Neelam assures her and leaves for water. Saltanat says I did a mistake by believing you this time, I was a fool. Kainaat says for you my alliance got broken and you are mourning over breaking your trust. She says now you can keep Zaroon as I got him and is about to leave when Saltanat slaps Kainaat and says Zaroon always belongs to me and now I will do what I didn’t.

I will expose you in front of all family members and will tell them the entire truth. Neelam is the witness of all these and Tai Ammi knows your previous truth, so she will not keep quiet as well. From me, Zaroon to everyone will get to know about the real face of you. What did you think I will keep quiet in the name of shame? No, I will make everyone know your truth and will also make you see how the love you are crazing for all these days converts into hatred. Kainaat says How will you prove this? I will not survive until then to bear this allegation. I am anyway got the happiness of my life in the form of the intimacy of Zaroon but now I will not feel bad if I died and left the room. Neelam asks Saltanat to stop but she says she will not let Kainaat go easily this time and goes after her.

Here, Zainab and Rubina are going to masjid while Zainab feels something bad is happening somewhere. Neelam splashes water on Zaroon and he gets up. Neelam asks Zaroon what happened last night? Zaroon gets offended but then tells her. He asks about Saltanat but Neelam doesn’t tell him anything. Sabina falls on Mamoon when he enters the room to take clothes. Mamoon asks her to get up but she refused. Ghazala catches them together and calls Sabina dayaan and runs after her with a brick. Neelam comes to the kitchen with glasses and looks for clues and gets a sleeping powder and decodes that Kainaat must have used this to spike the milk of Saltanat. Zaroon takes the glass from her hand and asks her what happened and what she is hiding from him?

Precap: All gathers in front of Miyajaan while Rubina gets shocking news over a phone call.