Bahu Begum 2nd september 2019 Written Update:- Noor learns the truth but decides to continue with the marriage.

The episode starts Shayra giving divorce papers to Azaan and asks him to sign it. Before leaving she says that she’ll only love him even if they are together or not. Azaan looks at the divorce papers. Asgar and Surraiya enter the room to see Khalid awake and gets shocked. Khalid questions Asgar holding his collar but Surraiya hits him from the back. Later Asgar also hits him and he falls unconscious on the floor. They both decide to shift him from the mansion and keeps him in a suitcase. They drag him out and finds the cat with something tied around its neck. They were about to catch it but gets interrupted by the maid.

The cat reaches Noor and she receives the recording. She plays it to and gets to know the truth. In the meantime, Asgar and Surraiya keep Khalid in the back seat in the suitcase. They were about to go but Noor comes in front of the car. She asks for Khalid.

Noor asks about Khalid and Asgar pretends innocence. She asks him to open dicky and finds the only suitcase. Shayra brings Azaan down the stairs and they share a painful eye lock. Azaan says that there’s still time and asks her to rethink her decision once but Shayra denies it. She kisses him and urges him. Noir opens the suitcase and finds Khalid in it. She takes him out and starts slapping him continuously. Noor asks if he’s the one killed her mom and Faiz. Khalid agrees and says that Shayra is not at fault. Shayra urges him for his new life and asks him to sign divorce papers. Noor gets furious and beats him mercilessly using a bat. Azaan asks Shayra to bring his begum here. Surraiya tries interfering but Noor warns them to stay away. Khalid says that he doesn’t want to kill anyone but just want to stop the marriage. Noor angrily scolds him for all the mishap and starts beating him again.

Everyone searches for Noor but Azaan says that may be she realized her mistake. But to his shock, Noor enters the mandap and remembers all the injustice she did to Shayra. Shayra asks her the reason for her silence but Noor has an emotional battle within herself. She’s confused to choose but finds Surraiya and Asgar. She remembers her decision of continuing her marriage with Azaan and warns Khalid to keep quite of the same.

Noor apologies to her mom in mind for doing it. She believes that her love will change the hate of Azaan and asks her mom to bless her for the same.

Asgar and Surraiya get relieved about not getting exposed. Noor asks the priest to start the marriage and Shayra intervenes. Shayra asks Azaan to sign the divorce papers but Azaan says that he will not sign it. He says that he promised to only get married to Noor but didn’t promise anything about divorce. Everyone gets the shocked hearing it.

Precap: Azaan says that a paper can’t keep him away from his love. Shayra decides to leave herself but Azaan threatens her with suicide by keeping gun on his forehead. He says that he’ll die the moment she leaves.