Bahu Begum Written Update 11th November 2019: Cold war between Azaan and Aadil

The episode starts with Aadil coming to Azaan mansion and Razia welcomes him Noor turns his face away seeing him and Razia introduces everyone. Aadil says that he felt as if he has met his mother again and Razia gets emotional. She instructs Mashuka to take him in. Aadil sees his biodata in the marriage proposal list and mocks Noor for rejecting him. He’s about to tape her mouth once again while Noor challenges him for a boxing match with Azaan and he agrees.

Razia scolds Azaan for fighting with their guest but they say that they are just having fun. Shayra warns Aadil that Azaan is a university champion but Aadil says that he’s no less. Noor announces that the one who fails will be her servant for a day. Shayra once again sees the similarities in their mannerisms. They both taunt fight with each other and Azaan beats him hard and Noor cheers for Azaan making Aadil furious. He’s about to fight again when he sees the vase falling on Razia and saves her but gets hurt in the process.

Shayra brings medicine for Aadil and asks Noor to apply it. Noor gets irked but Shayra says that he saved Ammi’s life. Noor goes to his room and turns around as she finds him shirtless. She applies medicine turning away from him and at all wrong places. He holds her hand shocking her and makes her apply for medicine. Shayra sees them from the window and admires them as a couple. Shayra shows Azaan of the same but Azaan didn’t like him and interrupted them. He thanks him for saving his mother’s life.

Later they all assemble at dinning table and Aadil plays the role of Noor’s servant. Razia introduces him to Khalid and Khalid asks about him. He reveals himself to be an NRI from dubai and Khalid immediately identifies him. He says that they got the business proposals from his company. Aadil says that not only the marriage proposal they rejected his business proposal too. Azaan mocks him for lying for alliance and Shayra gets furious at his behavior. Aadil gets irked with his behavior while Khalid too supports Azaan while Noor leaves no stone unturned to insult Aadil.

Aadil is about to leave but Razia stops him. He shows them his parent’s picture and says that he doesn’t need to pretend to be an NRI for any reason. Razia identifies his father as the close friend of Azaan’s dada Ji and Aadil says that it’s good.

Aadil wants to use the washroom and Razia asks Noor to direct him. She leaves grudging with him while Azaan is still doubtful of him. He sees an antique and admires it.

Precap: Noor says that she’s sure that he has come here for some motive and he agrees with it. Aadil is seeing a picture but immediately hides it seeing Shayra and it gets broken.