Bepanah Pyaar Written Updates 11th November 2019: Sahas shifts to Raghbir’s house for Pragati

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir comes with the girl and orders a drink. Girl says to Raghbir his wife is not a perfect match for him. Pragati dances at the club and Raghbir gets angry on her. She recalls her flashback with Raghbir. Few boys dances close to Pragati and Raghbir pushes them away.

There, Harshit gets angry on Raghbir for giving him lecture and throwing him out from his post. Kunti ask Harshit to calm down his anger till the right comes. She further tells to Harshit that they have to insult Pragati so that she herself leabes the house and go away. Here, Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati and thinks about her (Maahi Ve) song plays in the background. Pragati too recalls her moments with Raghbir.

Raghbir gets confused over his feelings and he thinks not to bother about Pragati anymore. Pragati thinks Raghbir still loves her and soon he will learn the same.

In the morning, Raghbir scolds house helper for not making good food for him. Sahas comes and tells to Malhotra’s that he came to stay with them. He sees Pragati and asks her what she is doing here. Sahas tells to Malhotra’s about Pragati and says her husband has thrown her out and if he ever meets him than he will beat him. Raghbir ask Sahas to beat him as he is her husband. Pragati stands speechless. Raghbir also tells to Sahas that Pragati is Bani and she came back to avenge him. Sahas stands stunned. Ahead, Kunti ask Nakul to show Sahas his room.

Pragati ask Sahas why he told everyone that he doesn’t know she is Bani. Sahas says because he wanted to see everyone’s reaction. Raghbir gets jealous seeing Pragati and Sahas together.

Later, Sahas tells to Malhotra’s that he brought gifts for all of them. Devraj ask him why brought gifts. Sahas insists everyone to take gifts. Raghbir sees Sahas from far.

Raghbir says if gift session is over so they can have dinner. Sahas tells to Raghbir that he brought gift for him too. Raghbir throws the gift and leaves the place. Sahas ask why Pragati is not at the dinner table. He further goes to Pragati and asks why she didn’t have dinner. Pragati says because she already had in the evening. Raghbir see the duo again and gets jealous. (Episode Ends)

Precap: inspector comes home to arrest Pragati.