Barrister Babu 18th February 2020 Written Update: Devoleena spiked Bondita’s food!

Today’s episode starts with Sumati talking with Bondita. She shares a talk with her and gives her few advices her how to behave properly at her in-laws house. Later, Sumati says to Bondita let her see her for once else from today she won’t be able to meet her again. Bondita asks Sumati if she is not coming with her at her in-laws house.

Sumati thinks to lie to Bondita but Bondita gets upset with her when she learns Sumati can’t be part of her wedding ceremony because of the rituals. Sumati cries and locks herself. Bondita asks Sumati not to cry but asks her to witness her wedding from the window.

Other side,Anirudh gets ready to attend Saurabh’s wedding. His father asks he has to go to talk about his marriage with Saudamin’s father. Barrister says he will talk with him after coming back.

Afterwards, Devoleena decides to spike Bondita’s food so that she don’t get hyper seeing an old man as her groom.

Here, Anirudh shares a romantic time with Saudamini. The duo shares an eye-lock. Barrister tries to make Saudamini wear her footwear. But Saudamini refuses to wear it saying she will only wear when he will talk with her father about her marriage with him. She says she waited for the day from so long.

There, Anirudh thinks the old man who has decked up as groom is restarting his life by marrying someone of his age.

Bondita decked up as bride and gets happy. Devoleena tries to feed her the spiked food and Bondita questions her she always asks her to follow the ritual than why this time she is asking her to break the rules. Devoleena lies to her and says because after today she will go to her in-laws house. Samporna comes and asks Devoleena why she is feeding food before Bondita. Devoleena thinks if Sampoorna will eat the food than will fall unconscious. She makes a story and asks Sampoorna to go out as her wedding ritual already started. Episode Ends with Devoleena feeding spiked food to Bondita.

Precap: Anirudh sees Bondita all set to marry the aged man. He interrupts and says he will not let Bondita marry to such a aged man.