Barrister Babu 1st December 2020 Written Update: Anirudh’s team starts the preparation for the competition

Barrister Babu 1st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh holding lesson for the girls. He has to select a class monitor and says that Bondita will be the monitor. Suraya stands up and asks why Bondita and not her when she is the eldest among them. Anirudh explains that the matter is not about being elder or smaller but Bondita has been studying since before so she can guide them.

At the same time, Saudamini holds class of the boys of her team and gives the enormous book to read to them. She thinks that her class is going well but she has to find out how the preparation of Anirudh’s team is going. One student says that he has read the first level. Saudamini asks him to go to check what Anirudh’s team is doing since he doesn’t need to study further as the challenge is about the first level only.

Anirudh asks the girls about the shape of the planet. Suraya says that it’s flat like a blanket but it’s a wrong answer. Bondita says that it’s spheric just like a rasgulla. Suraya asks why they don’t fall then. Anirudh explains them Newton’s law of motion to teach them about gravity. Bondita understands that gravity accompanies them wherever they go just like she follows him wherever he goes.

The boy that had gone to check Anirudh’s team comes back to Saudamini and tells her that the girls are holding the class outside. Saudamini knows that he is trying to explain them the things instead of making them memorize.

On the other hand, Anirudh tries making girls memorize the names of kings of Mughal dynasty. They struggle so he pairs them with each other. Anirudh looks at them while they are studying and thinks that he will make them winners. Bondita is with Bholi but the latter doesn’t speak. Bondita tries holding her hand and asking her to speak up but she faints. Everyone rushes to her.

Bholi is brought inside. Anirudh asks Saurabh to call doctor but Suraya tells him that she cannot be cured: she was a child widow and his husband used to beat her a lot; after his death, his husband’s family beat her a lot and she silently bear all the violence so Bholi’s voice has just got lost somewhere. She suggests to make Bholi exit the competition. Bholi gets conscious. Anirudh says that Bholi won’t leave the team since she is part of it.

Suddenly they hear screams coming from outside. When they go to check, they see Elaichi and Palak fighting since the latter ate everyone’s food. Suraya laughs a lot seeing them while Bondita tries stopping them. Anirudh is disappointed by the disorder. The girls notice that and apologize. Suraya says that they found the way to memorize the Mughals’ names. They tell all the names by singing them with “Sar re ga ma..”.

Anirudh returns to take their lesson when a band comes playing instruments and making noise. Anirudh requests them to go to play somewhere else but just then Saudamini comes carried by few and playing the trumpet. Anirudh asks them to leave. Saudamini says that they are just practicing for the celebration of their victory. Anirudh tries to continue his lesson but the band starts playing again. Anirudh asks the girls to focus on studies only. He asks them to go inside to study.

When Anirudh tries to restart his lesson once inside, the band starts playing inside. Anirudh is about to shut the window but Saudamini stops him and asks for how long Bondita will save him.

Episode ends

Precap: Anirudh tells Bondita that they will have to study at night also. Trilochan asks if it’s opportune for Bondita to go out at night. Bondita assures him that she will learn something only. Anirudh teaches Bondita and the girls how to light up fire. Saudamini swears to burn Anirudh in the same fire he has lightened up

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