Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 1st December 2020 Written Update: Mayan’s secret plan

Nam  Iruvar Namak Iruvar 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kathi giving an idea to Mayan why should they wait till marriage? He can perform Gayathri and Adhavan marriage secretly. If he done it there is nothing to loss infront of all orelse we have to spend lots of money for the marriage which not gonna happen.

Nachiyar family gonna humiliate infront of all. So marrying secretly is the best option to do because none will maintain their anger long and accept them soon. Mayan agrees with his idea and says to him let’s speak with Adhavan then. He notince Maha coming there Mayan pretend like scolding him for bringing him a wrong brand drinks.

Now he is suffering due to headache. So he must look here and there before buy it. Kathi don’t understand him but notice Maha there and joins with him in the conversation. Maha stare them in confusion and ask to him what’s discussion is going on here? Mayan complaints to her he bring wrong brand drinks today so he can’t able to bear the head pain. Maha stare him in doubts? Mayan ask to her why did she staring him in this way?

 Maha replies to him that usually he used to hide these matters from her but today he is sharing this to her it seems they are hiding something big from her. Mayan and Kathi deny it and leave from there. Maha thinks to keeps an eye on them.

Nachiyar talking to someone in phone. Vadivu comes there and ask to her who is on call? She replies to her that she was inviting her friend for Gayathri marriage. Vadivu informs to her that tomorrow is an good day let’s go for shopping. She wanna purchase the muhurth Saree and wedding shopping. Maha gives an suggestion that time is less so why should waste time in going out instead she will bring one textile shop owner who is her father friend he will bring all latest collection to home. We can choose it from here. Vadivu and Nachiyar agrees to it. She ask her to bring him tomorrow.

Nachiyar while going in she heard Muthuraj speaking with someone in mobile using seducing words. She question him who is it on call? He lied to her that is his friend and leaves to take bath. Vadivu doubts him and checks his mobile? She is shocked to see all the girls picture in his mobile. He comes back and snatch it from her hand.

 Vadivu scold him for keeping it in his mobile if someone see this then they will stop his marriage. He assures to her none will dare to take his phone. Morethen he gonna marry her for money. Mayan gets dream of his father he is advising to him. He is crying infront of him he console him and ask him to take a fair decision.

Mayan and Kathi meets Adhavan and  informs to him that he decided to perform his and Gayathri marriage secretly before the date. Adhavan agrees to it. Mayan assures to him that Gayathri is ready for all he will bring her to temple.

Here Vadivu comes near Nachiyar she attend her relation wedding. They puts 300 soverign for her. They question her how much they put for Gayathri he replies to them as 350 sovereign. Nachiyar staring her in confuse way.

Episode end.