Barrister Babu 24th November 2020 Written Update: Bondita finds Anirudh in the party

Barrister Babu 24th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Greenwood and Saudamini taking pictures together. Saudamini says that they should click photos with guests as well. Greenwood agrees and asks Anirudh who says that he isn’t interested to get clicked. Greenwood says that one doesn’t drink and the other isn’t interested in photos so he should enquiry if they are really land owners. Saudamini says that they are really land owners and have big pride about it.

 Greenwood asks Anirudh not to spoil the party and remember what he had told him. Anirudh recalls Greenwood saying that he will sign on Bondita’s admission papers only if his wife gets happy with him. Anirudh goes on stage to get clicked with Greenwood and Saudamini.

On the other hand, Bondita refuses to wear the joker costumes and tells the servant, who thinks that Betty won’t spare her if she doesn’t wear it, that Anirudh had told her that foreigner clowns wear such costumes.

Meanwhile, Saudamini gets her photos clicked with Anirudh who is about to leave but she stops him and asks whether she isn’t looking beautiful like before. She asks whether he thought she will stay mad behind him but she found a crazier person for her. She says that her husband is a foreigner officer in front of whom land owners bow down.

While the servant tries to force Bondita to wear the costume, Saudamini and Greenwood walk towards the cake to cut it. Anirudh asks Greenwood to talk about work since he has met his wife already and she seems happy with him. He asks his signature so that he can get admission at school for his wife. Greenwood, Saudamini and other guests start laughing at it. Anirudh asks if he took it as joke.

 Greenwood asks if he didn’t. Anirudh replies that he didn’t because he has studied judiciary at London and if women can study at school there then why can’t women in his country do the same. Greenwood asks if he didn’t understand the difference between Hindustani women and foreigner ones yet then. He says that there is no difference between Indian women and sheeps.

 He asks what new can a woman do by studying since in India they only have to cook and be subordinate to their husband. Saudamini thinks that Bondita must have worn the costume already and then Anirudh will understand that she got no cleverness.

At the same time, Bondita frees herself from servant’s clutch sprinkling perfume on her face. She runs away. Bondita gets a paper board and writes something on it thinking that she has to tell Anirudh about Heera Mandi girls missing.

Greenwood keeps bashing Indian women and says that they cannot be educated since they are aware that education means nothing to them. He asks Anirudh to focus on working on land since there is nothing else in his country: land, sand, sheep, cows, magic snake. Bondita hears footsteps. Anirudh asks Greenwood why he got married to Saudamini if this is what he thinks about Hindustani women.

Greenwood asks who Saudamini is. He says that his wife is Betty and her thinking is completely British even though she looks Indian. Saudamini agrees and says that she is mrs Betty John Greenwood who hates the Indian tradition and Indian thinking. She says that Indian women get married in early age, they make bed wet and eat food of their husbands.

Anirudh defends Hindustani women saying that they can do lots of things together and she doesn’t know how a Hindustani woman keep together her family using not only her efforts but also smartness. He says that Betty is all set to become British Queen but she might not know that there are queens in india too but they conserve their tradition.

Saudamini asks what his wife can do. Just then, Bondita comes and asks guests if they have seen her husband. She has written “Anirudh” on the board and is showing his name to guests. Anirudh sees her and praises her for getting such a way to find her husband among so many people.

Bondita sees Saudamini getting surprised. Anirudh goes to her and asks her what she is doing there. Bondita tells her that Suraya, Ramaya and others have left their house and she wonders if villagers have done something wrong with them. Anirudh gets worried and says that they should leave immediately. Saudamini says that none leaves Betty’s party without her permission and if anyone leaves then they will come back. However, Anirudh and Bondita leave. Saudamini cuts the cake frustratedly.

Bondita asks Anirudh what Saudamini is doing there. Anirudh tells her that she is Greenwood’s wife. Bondita says that now it will be difficult to get admission but Anirudh assures her that he will find a way and they leave to find Bondita’s friends.

Trilochan and Binoy return to the party. Trilochan says that he would have never come back to the party if he hadn’t work with Greenwood. He recommends Binoy to talk about farmers issue with Greenwood first.

In the meantime, Bondita and Anirudh reach Heera Mandi girls’ mansion and find all their stuff scattered here and there. Bondita finds some “ghungroo” on the floor and tells Anirudh that her friends were forced to wear these in Heera Mandi.

Binoy goes to talk with Greenwood about their partnership. Greenwood offers him drink but before he can hold the glass, the foreigner splits it on his shoe. Binoy looks on.

Anirudh finds a piece of cloth with Greenwood’s symbol on it. He remembers Saudamini saying that none leaves her party without her permission otherwise they come back for sure. Anirudh understands that Greenwood’s men came there and Heera Mandi girls are at Woodstock house.

Episode ends

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