Barrister Babu 8th February 2021 Written Update: Sampoorna stops Bondita from meeting Sumati

Barrister Babu 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh inviting everyone to play game in order to lure Bondita. Bondita hears it and is about to go to play excitedly. However she soon gets reminded of Sampoorna’s words and shuts herself. She hears everyone playing her favorite game. She peeps from window. Anirudh keeps looking at her window while Bondita struggles to control herself.

Devoleena understands Anirudh’s plan and makes him fall down. Anirudh gets hurt badly. Bondita panics seeing it and is about to go out. However Sampoorna says that she will take medicine for Anirudh. Bondita gets in once again. She cries for Anirudh. Bondita blames herself for Anirudh’s situation and fears for everyone in the house getting affected because of her. She decides to leave the place forever so that her bad luck doesn’t affect the family.

Bondita starts packing her things. She comes out and sees Anirudh wincing in pain. He feels bad that Bondita didn’t even care about his wound and is not coming out. He wonders what is wrong with her. Bondita hears it and feels bad. She starts leaving the house. Bondita recalls her grahpravesh while leaving.

Sumati murmurs Bondita’s name and wonders where she is. Bondita is passing by the same place while Sumati struggles to move. Bondita identifies the place as Munshi’s place and wonders why she feels strange being there. Sumati tries picking up a vessel but couldn’t. Bondita feels her mother’s presence around. The vessel falls due to her weakness and Bondita hears it. Bondita hears coughing sound and finds the door locked from outside.

Bondita tries opening it while Sumati hears Bondita breaks open the lock. She’s about to open the door but Sampoorna stops her. She drags Bondita and in the meantime Sumati too falls unconscious. Sampoorna asks what’s she doing. Bondita days that she heard some noise but Sampoorna convinces her against it. She warns Bondita to not step foot inside the house.

Bondita still unconvinced tries opening the door. Sampoorna pretends to be in pain and blames her curse as the reason for it. She successfully convinces Bondita that it’s all because of her curse. Bondita says about leaving the place but Sampoorna thinks that her plan gets spoiled if she leaves. She convinces Bondita to stay.

Sampoorna says about Bondita’s act to Devoleena. Devoleena asks her to be careful as in two or three days Bondita’s periods gets over and everything would come back to normal. She asks Sampoorna to get the keys before it’s over. Devoleena asks Sampoorna to go to Bondita and do something so that the Haveli people themselves throw Bondita out of the house.

Sampoorna comes to Bondita and asks her to do sacrifice so that she could save her husband and his family. Bondita asks what could she sacrifice. She asks her to sacrifice everything including her books, jewels and also the keys. She asks if she can’t even do that for her husband and his family. Anirudh calls Sampoorna from behind shocking her.

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