Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 7th February 2021 Written Update: Inmates meet their connections!

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 7th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcome the audience and talks about last night episode. Salman says his mood is same like yesterday. He says his work is not to yell at them. But to make them understand where they are going wrong. He meet inmates and asks for chair. Arshi and Abhi was missing. Salman asks them to make him wait. Abhi and Arshi runs toward the room. Salman asks inmates about his last night words. Inmates says he was right. Rakhi says to Salman he was right and will work upon her language. Salman next asks Devoleena why she lost her cool. Devoleena says post Arshi said that she suddenly thought about angel as she was not well. Arshi and Devo argues. Salman asks duo to sit quiet when he is speaking. Salman asks Abhinav what he means by word ‘tharki’. Abhinav says one who looks at woman. Salman says means a roving guy. Abhi agree. Salman says Rakhi was wrong and he quoted him. He asks Abhinav what is more abusive ‘gandi aurat’ or ‘neech’ which Rubina has quoted for Rakhi. Abhinav says it is wrong word.

Salman discuss about words used by Rubinav for Rakhi. Abhinav says words they quoted for Rakhi was wrong. Salman asks Rubina if she is thinking she is doing good in the show. Rubina says no and was asking for help. Salman asks Rubina if she don’t listen anyone’s point of view. He asks Rubina why she don’t listen to anyone. Rubina feels sorry. Salman says they quote for creative team and they understand that well. He adds they don’t give any script still Rubina and Abhinav keeps saying creative is supporting Rakhi. Rubina says it was general conversation with Rakhi. Salman says Rubina and Abhinav that they keep taking Kavita’s name and got offended later. He says Kavita has texted him and asks him to tell them not to take her name on the show. Salman gets upset saying Rubina and Abhi was asking for make-up and it was first ever on the show, else during weekend ka vaar biggest rivalry in the show helps each other with make-up and hair.

Salman asks Abhinav why he alerted Rubina spend less time with Nikki and Arshi else she will fall in their trap. Abhinav says he only suggested Rubina to use her brain and not to get aggregated by Nikki and Arshi. Afterwards, Nikki tell to Rubina that she never tried to instigate her. Rubina says she never blamed her for throwing water on Rakhi. Abhinav explain to Nikki that he only asked Rubina not to believe Nikki’s tone. Nikki call Abhi liar. She adds and says to Rahul that Abhinav don’t want to see her with Rubina. Nikki says Jasmin was right not to trust anyone and she pointed towards to Abhi. Here, Rubina argues with Abhinav. Abhinav asks Rubina keep the potential to hear too it is not good to argue every time.

On the stage; Salman meet the connections. He talk with Vindu and asks if he is finding BB entertaining. Vindu says no. Salman says to Vindu they quote ‘Nala Sopara’, ‘Lokandwala’ which is not good. Vindu says thus he brought make-up for Rakhi after that incident. Salman talks with Jyotika. Jyotika tell to Salman that Rubina is getting emotionally weak. Salman says it is good she is going inside. Jyotika says Rubina is not that bad but it is painful for her and her family to see Rubina like that. Jyotika cries. Salman shares a talk with Jyotika. Later, Salman talks with Rahul Mahajan about last night episode. Rahul says to Salman that it was best weekend ka vaar. Salman talk with connections.

Jasmin keep her point of view on Rakhi and Abhinav. She question Abhinav would have drawn a line when Rakhi came in blouse and skirt. Salman likes her questions and says now he will question the inmates same telling it is asked by fans.

Salman asks Abhinav fan wants to know why he came late in spotlight. Abhinav says he was clueless about BB concept and with the change of time he learned and adapted BB environment. Abhi says he didn’t made any master plan before coming. Salman second asks Rubina, one fan asked she turn aggressive and opionotic so which is real Rubina’s shade. Rubina confesses that few years back she had temper issues and was arrogant. She adds she used to behave like the way she is behaving now and her relationship with her family was not good too. Rubina cries. Salman asks Rubina to love her life. He next asks Rubina one fan want to know when she didn’t heard Arshi and devo’s conversation than why she confidently supported Arshi. Rubina explains to Salman she overheard Devoleena and Rakhi’s conversation thus reacted.

Salman asks Abhinav why he supported Rakhi. Abhinav explain to Salman that Rakhi discussed with him that she wants to play a character and he agreed. But it was extreme when she painted her body with his name. Salman asks Abhi to tell why he didn’t made a line when Rakhi came in blouse and skirt? Abhinav says observation of the fan is wrong. Jasmin says Abhinav and Rubina works on their convenience. Later, Salman says who is evicted, he will tell shortly. Abhinav says to inmates he got life lesson and won’t help anyone. Afterwards, Jasmin enters the stage dancing on ‘Chunri’ song. Salman joins the dance. Jasmin gets teary. Salman drops her inside the house along with other connections. Salman promote MPL app.

Ahead, Arshi gets evicted. Arshi meet inmates and gets teary. Aly cries for Arshi. Later, Devo and Rakhi talks with each other. Devoleena says to Rakhi, ABhi is not a bad person at all. Rakhi says Abhinav should befriend her forgetting everything. Devo says to Rakhi,  Rubina won’t let Abhi patch up with her. There, Abhinav and Rubina shares a talk with each other. Abhi says now he will use his brain. Here, Devo and Rakhi decides to talk with Rubinav.Abhinav and Rubina argues with each other post Rubina reacted when Abhi asks her to listen and she refused. Rubina gets teary. (Episode Ends)

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