Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 10th November 2023 Written Update: Reyansh accuses Jai

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 10th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kimaya’s last rites going on. Malini breaks down over Kimaya’s death. Aaradhana tries to comfort her. Komal asks Kriti about going to Kimaya’s room before Reyansh and asks what she told Kimaya. Komal blames Kriti and warns her to kill her if she’s responsible for Kimaya’s death. Kriti asks Komal not to talk about something she doesn’t know. Aaradhana goes to Kriti and cries, hugging her.


Kadambari says Reyansh. Everyone sees Reyansh there. Aaradhana stops Reyansh. Aaradhana asks Reyansh why he has come here. Reyansh warns Aaradhana not to accuse him falsely, else she has to apologize to him later. He says that the police freed him as he is innocent. Aaradhana says that the police don’t know the truth about Reyansh and his intentions. She asks him to leave. Reyansh refuses. He says that he wants to expose who went to Kimaya’s room before him. He says that he wants to tell her the truth.

Reyansh goes to Kriti and Jai. Reyansh accuses Jai of telling Kimaya the truth and hits him. Aaradhana stops Reyansh. However, Reyansh blames Jai and fights with him. Aaradhana and the family try to pull Reyansh back. Kriti remembers a FB. Jai goes to Kimaya’s room to talk. He convinces her to open the door to talk to him. Jai tells Kimaya about Kriti’s plan and the misunderstanding created between them. Just then, Kriti arrives and admitted of creating a misunderstanding between them, but accuses Aaradhana of being after Reyansh and Jai.

Jai asks Kriti to stop. Kriti and Jai argue. Kimaya asks them to stop. She cries, getting whom to believe tell as they all tell different stories. Jai says to Kimaya that Reyansh doesn’t love her. Kriti tries to manipulate Kimaya to still marry Reyansh. Jai tells Kimaya that Reyansh wants to marry Kimaya for revenge because he hates Kannah’s. Kriti denies it and says that Reyansh wanted to make Aaradhana feel jealous.

Kimaya says that but there’s nothing between Reyansh and Aaradhana. Kriti says that Aaradhana is behind Reyansh. Jai says to Kimaya that Reyansh and Aaradhana love each other. He says that he up his wedding as he can’t lie anymore and asks Kimaya to do the same even though it hurts her. He leaves.

Kimaya asks Kriti when she knows about Reyansh and Aaradhana loving each other. Kriti says from the beginning. Kimaya scolds Kriti for hiding the truth from her instead of stopping her. Kimaya says that she got fooled two times by Angad and Reyansh, but she won’t let anyone play with her feelings now. She says that she has made a decision now. Kimaya takes the sleeping pill bottle from the drawer and consumes it despite Kriti trying to stop her. Kriti rushes to call an ambulance. The FB ends.

Reyansh accuses Jai of killing Kimaya. He is about to say the reason behind Jai’s actions. Aaradhana pushes Reyansh away and refuses to listen to Reyansh since they all knew about Reyansh’s intentions. Reyansh asks Aaradhana if he is taking Aaradhana’s side. Aaradhana says yes because Jai isn’t a monster like him. Reyansh is about to say that Jai has feelings for her. But Aaradhana refuses to listen to him. Bhakti blames Reyansh and asks him to leave.

However Reyansh beats Jai and blames him. Aaradhana pushes away Reyansh and slaps him. She lashes out at Reyansh for always blaming others instead of seeing his mistakes. She asks him to leave. Jai goes to Kriti and asks what she lied to Reyansh this time. He asks her what proof he has. A FB shows. Kriti meets Reyansh in jail and tells him that she went to see Kimaya before her death. FB ends. Aaradhana asks Reyansh to leave. Reyansh walks away, crying.

The episode ends.

Precap: Aaradhana says to Reyansh that he killed her sister. Kriti says to Reyansh to take back his love from Jai before he defeats him. Reyansh says that it’s not easy to defeat him.

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