Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 10th November 2023 Written Update: Shubh blames Adi for framing Rajiv

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 10th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Adi seeing that the bag got stuck onto a mini truck. Adi chases that mini truck and catches it. Adi takes the bag from the mini truck and gets down from the truck. Kavya comes to Adi.


Kavya takes Adi to a side and asks Adi if he has gone mad? Adi says there is a very important packet in this bag. Kavya asks Adi what is it.

Omi says to Giriraj that Adi will be blamed if Rajiv goes to jail. Giriraj says that is his plan and says once Rajiv goes to jail when they find that money. Kavya is going to hate Adi and they will never be able to get back together.

Adi gives Navya’s lab coat and Stethoscope to Kavya. Adi says to Kavya that he knows it is very important for her as his father was never able to get out of Navya’s death.

Gowri and Shubh come to Kavya’s house. Jayadeep talks with Gowri on the phone. Jayadeep asks Gowri why does she needs to go to Kavya’s house? Gowri says to Jayadeep that a lot of matches might be coming to Kavya and says they need to confirm this match. Gowri talks with Jayadeep and later cuts the call.

Mayank sees Gowri and Shubh comes and says to Anjali about it. Anjali recalls the insult she faced in Jayadeep’s house. Anjali asks Mayank to tell them to wait for 5 minutes. Mayank agrees and leaves from there.

Mayank asks Gowri and Shubh to wait for 5 min outside. Gowri and Shubh see Kavya coming with Adi. Shubh says to Gowri about Adi saying Giriraj and Adi planned to stop the hospital project and played a double game. Giriraj listens about Shubh commenting on Adi.

Kavya invites Adi to come inside and says she will treat his wound. Adi says she might be able to treat this wound but not the wound that she has given to his heart. Adi leaves from there.

Rajiv asks Kavya why did Adi come here? Kavya says Adi came here to give Navya’s stethoscope and lab coat. Rajiv and Anjali get emotional seeing Navya’s lab coat and stethoscope.

Shubh asks Kavya why did she go after Adi? Kavya says it’s a matter between them asks Shubh not to interfere in it. Gowri makes a proposal to Kavya’s parents saying they want to do Shubh and Kavya’s marriage. Kavya says it is not possible. Gowri says she also thought like that before but she was defeated infront of her son’s love.

The police barge into Kavya’s house and says to Kavya’s family that they need to search their house. The police search Kavya’s house. Kavya asks the inspector for the search warrant and under what charges are they searching the house. The inspector shows the search warrant and says they got complaint that Rajiv took money while being a government employee.

Malini asks Adi if he gave the packet to Kavya. Adi says yes and asks Malini not to think too much into it and says Adi and Kavya are still fighting. Malini says to Adi that he needs to listen to his heart.

The inspector accuses Rajiv of taking bribe from the Jansansthan orphanage so that Rajiv will not collect the electricity bill. Rajiv says it is a decision made by electricity board. The police inspector asks Rajiv to go and argue in court.

Rajiv breaks down right on the spot. Kavya comforts her parents.

Giriraj asks Adi if he delivered the packet. Adi asks Giriraj why is he asking this? Giriraj says he is just praising him.

The cops find bribe money in Navya’s lab coat. The inspector confirms that it is the bribe money. Shubh says now he understands why Adi gave that packet to them and says to Kavya this is all Adi’s plan.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Kavya says to Adi that Rajiv is in jail due to him and his father Giriraj. Kavya challenges Adi that Rajiv will be out of jail and spend Diwali with their family. Rajiv is shown to be in jail.

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