Bawara Dil 28th July 2021 Written Update: Sarkar sends wedding card to Sonal

Bawara Dil 28th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akkabai telling Shiva to calm down. Shiva asks Akkabai will she give him what he will ask for after winning the competition?Akkabai says obviously. Ask me right now. Shiva says he wants her to promise him she will fulfill his demand. Akkabai promises him. Shiva thinks he will win this year for Sonal’s sake. Sarkar hugs Shiva saying he did the right thing by scolding Narpat. Siddhi gets shocked seeing Shiva hugging Sarkar. She says she can’t expect Shiva to help her. He supports Akkabai. Siddhi meets Sonal and tells her Kiran is fine. She cries hugging Sonal.

Vijaya questions Shiva why he agreed for Sonal’s marriage when noone is happy with it except Mangal and Vilas. Mangal tells Shiva to ignore Vijaya. She says she has to make lot of preparations for Sonal’s marriage. Shiva gives her money. Shiva requests Vijaya with folded hands, that he needs her support. He assures her he won’t disappoint her. Vijaya says how will she believe him even after seeing what he did. Shiva says he will not let this marriage happen.

Shiva looks at Siddhi. Shiva says he will feel alone without Siddhi’s support. Siddhi thinks how can Shiva hug that evil Sarkar. She can’t trust Shiva anymore. Shiva tells he will protect Sonal like a shield.

Sagar tells Jalwa to make the arrangements for the competition properly. He taunts Jalwa saying Shiva is coward only thats why he agreed for Sonal and Sarkar’s marriage. Jalwa and Sagar get into fight and Sagar pushes him. Shiva saves Jalwa from falling and looks at Sagar.

Siddhi thinks about Narpat’s advice. Narpat calls on the landline number and Vilas receives the call. Narpat asks for Siddhi. Siddhi gets shocked and talks to Narpat. She says why is he calling her repeatedly. Narpat informs Siddhi that Sagar’s life is in danger. Siddhi leaves.

Shiva’s men provokes Shiva and he slaps Sagar. Sagar falls down. Jalwa stops Shiva from overreacting as tomorrow is Gothakori competition. Siddhi comes there and asks Sagar how it happened. Sagar says Shiva did all these. Narpat comes with doctor and again instigates Siddhi against Shiva. He says Shiva can’t win the competition and encourage Sarkar. Siddhi leaves without answering. Narpat thinks why Siddhi is not bothered even after seeing Sagar in this condition.

Sonal receives parcel. She gets shocked seeing her wedding card. She feels disgusted. Siddhi asks Vijaya what will Shiva do to stop Sonal’s marriage? Vijaya doesn’t tell about her conversation with Shiva and says I dont know. Siddhi thinks about Narpat’s proposal. Sarkar talks to Sonal and asks did you like the card? He teases her. Siddhi cuts Sarkar’s call angrily and Sonal asks Siddhi what will she do to protect her from Sarkar. Siddhi tears the wedding card and says she has a plan.

Narpat hires a person to keep eyes on Shiva. His supporter asks him Siddhi is not convinced yet. To which Narpat says need can change a headstrong person too. Siddhi arrives and Narpat smlies looking at her.

Episode ends

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