Bawara Dil: Mangal to accuse Siddhi?

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Colors TV show Bawara Dil is entertaining the audience with its intriguing storyline. Currently, Siddhi and Shiva are dealing with their inner conflicts and not realising their true feelings for each other owing to several past mistakes also Shiva’s slave like attitude angers Siddhi as she is a headstrong girl. Siddhi is trying to open Shiva’s eyes so that he can realise Akkabai’s dirty politics. Shiva fell into the trap of Narpat and got stabbed by his attacker. Siddhi after realising her mistake saved Shiva but will Shiva forgive her after knowing she betrayed him? It will be intriguing to watch.

Previously its seen how Mangal stopped Siddhi from meeting Shiva as she holds Siddhi responsible for Shiva’s condition. Siddhi got heartbroken. There inspector interrogated Siddhi how Shiva is in that condition? Doctor informed inspector that heavy dose of sleeping pills have been given to Shiva that’s why he drowned in the water.
Siddhi felt guilty and she kept requesting to meet Shiva. She questioned God as to why he didn’t show her right path when she was doing wrong. Vijaya consoled her. Siddhi confronted Narpat and the latter taunted her saying she will rot in jail as Shiva’s family will start hating her after learning about her act. There, Shiva’s condition was deteriorating.

In future episodes viewers will see interesting drama. A guilt-ridden Siddhi will pray to God for Shiva’s safety. But Mangal will suspect Siddhi saying she was planning something against Shiva with Narpat. Siddhi will decide to leave but Yashwant will stop her.
Siddhi will plead Shiva to get up as she can’t live with the guilt forever. There Akkabai will plan to meet Shiva’s family to show fake concern. Sonal will blame herself for Shiva’s condition and will decide to meet Akkabai. Siddhi will follow her.

What will Sonal do?

Will Siddhi get arrested?

All questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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