Being married for 25 years is really a blessed feeling : Kishori Shahane Vij

Actress Kishori Shahane Vij will be completing her 25th marriage anniversary on 21st December. She is married to director Deepak Balraj Vij.
Speaking about her special occassion she says,”Being married for 25 years is really a blessed feeling because in today’s time with so many aspects of life it is so difficult to adjust. On top of that we both come from different cultures – my husband Deepak Balraj Vij is a Punjabi but a Maharashtrian by heart and I am a Maharashtrian but a Punjabi by heart. Interestingly that is something that brought us together. We are blessed with a handsome son Bobby Vij. It’s a wonderful feeling that we are in the same industry and in a same tune.”
When asked what is the best thing about her husband she adds,”The best thing about my husband is that he is very liberal. Post our marriage he and his family have always been supportive towards my career. His sense of humor is very good and also the honesty and trust are the things that have held us together.
Kishori and her family are going to Shirdi to celebrate. She adds, “Shirdi is where our love bloomed and we all are big devotees of Sai Baba. During the time we were dating we visited Shirdi so many times to take Baba’s blessings which culminated into our marriage. Since it started like that Baba is the main witness of our relationship we decided it would be best to pay our tribute. Our son is also going with us.” 
Kishori feels time is very important factor in a relationship. She says,”Before getting into any relationship you need to know each other really well. In today’s time live in relationships, courtship, dating is very normal because there is so much of awareness and diversity in thoughts. When you stay with that person you get to know each other well.  Both have to be trust worthy and honest with their relationship.”
After their Shirdi visit Kishori is planning a cozy dinner party for close friends and family.