Bepanah Pyaar 13th January 2020 Written Update: KUNTI THREATENS PRAGATI WITH HARSHIT

The episode starts with Kunti welcoming Harshit. She smirks at Pragati. Pragati recalls Kunti’s words about Ragbir’s blind trust on her. She leaves upset. Priya complains about her fiancee not spending time with her.

Shefali gets happy after having weight loss. Ragbir comes to visit Pragati but to his much irritation Sahas comes out of her room. He says that he can’t go in. Ragbir scolds him and Sahas says that she had has just took her medicine and needs rest. Ragbir leaves understanding and Sahas smirks.

Sahas comes fuming to Kunti’s room and complains about Ragbir at the back of Pragati. Kunti consoles him and assures him that Pragati will come to him soon. She hugs him and smirks at Harshit. Ragbir sees Pragati sleeping and brings breakfast for her. He sits beside her and admires her.

It all turns out yo be his dream. He enters the room with food only to find Sahas already feeding fruits to Pragati. He leaves upset but comes back and keeps the carrot Halwa for her to have it and then leaves . Sahas is about to feed more but Pragati stops him and ears Ragbir’s Halwa.

Pragati couldn’t sleep properly because of the kidnapping. She wakes up and finds Kunti with the knife in her hand. She threatens her using the knife. She’s about to stab her and Pragati shouts for Ragbir. Ragbir runs to find Kunti taking care of Pragati. He asks what happened. Kunti says that seems she had some bad dream and shouted in fear. She acts all sweet and says that she’ll take care of Pragati as she’s her mother.

Ragbir asks her to rest and asks Priya to take care of Pragati. Kunti leaves with an indirect warning to Pragati. Pragati comes to dining table. Ragbir is about to take her to give her food but Kunti stops him and says that he has a meeting to attend with his father. Ragbir tries denying but Pragati urges him to go.

Harshit and Kunti threatens Pragati to kill her and Pragati gets scared.

Precap : Pragati is in the meeting with Ragbir and his father. Ragbir sees Pragati and Sahas together from window.