Bepanah Pyaar 19th August 2019 Written Update: Pragati accuses Raghbir in front of the family

  • Episode starts with Raghbir and Pragati. The duo talks with each other. Raghbir asks Pragati to be carefree. Pragati says she will not change herself for him.

Raghbir asks Pragati not to change herself else he won’t like her. He praises Pragati for taking care of him. Raghbir says that he will take care of her. Pragati says she will not stay with her in the same room. She falls on Raghbir.

Raghbir takes Pragati to the car. Sushma tells to the mask person that she will find the evidence tonight. She assures to the mask person that Pragati will never come to know about Bani’s real culprit.

Dev stops Priya and ask her to listen to him first. Priya ask him to stay away from her. The duo talks with each other. Raghbir sees Dev and Priya. He warns Dev and asks him to stop chasing Priya else he will not leave him. Pragati ask Raghbir to calm down.

Priya and Raghbir bring Pragati home. Aditi taunts Pragati.

Aditi tells that whatever drama Pragati has done that news is viral. Devraj ask Raghbir to take Pragati to the room. Malhotra’s argues with each other on Pragati’s drama.

Aditi taunts Pragati and says she belongs to the middle class thus she don’t know about high society people’s lifestyle. Pragati gets angry accuses Raghbir for killing Bani. Malhotra’s stand stunned.

Pragati tells to the Malhotra’s that Raghbir killed Bani. Raghbir and everyone stand shocked. She further says why none bothered about Bani after she died. (It was Pragati’s dream)

Raghbir brings Pragati to her senses. Kunti comes and ask Malhotra’s not to blame Pragati. Aditi speaks against Pragati. Kunti supports Pragati and Raghbir praises her.

Kunit takes Pragati with her. Raghbir asks everyone to leave. Pragati thinks the taste of the alcohol was bad.

Prashant calls Pragati and ask her to bring the entire evidence against Raghbir in 10 mins. Pragati agrees. Kunit comes to Pragati and takes her away.

Raghbir shares the incident with Nakula and Harshit. He says if anyone will tease girl than he will not spare him. Kunti brings Pragati to Raghbir’s room and ask him to take care of her, as she is not well.

Kunti lashes out Raghbir for being careless and ask him to take care of Pragati. She tells him that from today they both will share same room again. Raghbir argues with Kunti. Pragati says she is fine but Kunti goes away.

Raghbir goes to Pragati and recalls her words. He sarcastically taunts Pragati. Pragati says she don’t want to stay with him in the same room. Raghbir says he too.

Prashant waits for Pragati.

Pragati says Prashant and her father might be waiting for her. She makes excuses to go out but Raghbir stops her from leaving the room. Pragati says Kunti ask him to take care of her. She asks Raghbir to stop being her body guard.

Pragati further says to Raghbir to go and drink, as it is his drinking time. She thinks if he will drink and sleep than she will easily leave. Raghbir stares at Pragati. (Episode End)

Precap: Pragati takes an evidence bag to handover it to Prashant. Ragbhir comes from behind and ask her what she is hiding. Pragati stands shocked.

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