Bepanah Pyaar 2nd August 2019 Written Update: Pragati mixes the serum in Raghbir’s food to expose him!

Today’s episode opens with kunti asking Raghbir to have curd. Pragati comes and Kunti praises her. She asks Pragati to stand with Raghbir. She promotes colors channel new show LUV KHUSH.

Kunti ask Pragati to feed curd to Raghbir. Pragati thinks of something.

Devraj announce the media that Raghbir will soon tell them about new deal. Pragati mixes truth serum in the curd and insist Raghbir to have it. Raghbir about to eat but gets a call from someone and he goes.

Pragati again goes to Raghbir and ask him to have curd. Raghbir leaves the room. Pragati goes behind him keeping the curd on the bed.

Prashant ask Pragati to soon execute her plan. Kunti comes from behind and feeds Raghbir the curd. Pragati sees him from behind.

Pragati thinks now Raghbir will be exposed today. Everyone waits for Raghbir.

Raghbir attends the conference. Harshit comes and says to reporters to ask questions. Raghbir’s answers them all.

Prashant disguise as reporter and questions Raghbir. He further asks about Bani. Everyone gets shocked.  Raghbir gets angry and throws mic on him. Harshit controls him.

Prashant as reporter provokes Raghbir again. Raghbir recalls his moments with Bani. He gets angry and goes to hit Prashant. Harshit and

Shalu in the meantime goes and takes Pragati’s blood sample. Pragati thinks why Raghbir is not telling the truth inspite of consuming truth serum.

Raghbir goes in his room and drinks alcohol. Pragati goes behind him. She sees the curd on the bed and says he didn’t consume the serum. Raghbir breaks the things in her room.

Kunti and Harshit come and try to console him. Raghbir confesses his love for Bani. Pragati hears him hiding from him.

Raghbir cries his heart out in front of Kunti and Harshit. Pragati recalls his moment with Raghbir as Bani and cries. (Episode Ends)

Next week: Aditi talks with Devraj and says Kunti is playing family family and is trying to bring Pragati and Raghbir closer. She says to Devraj that what if Raghbir will come to know that Bani didn’t meet a natural death. Pragati hears their talk and stands shocked.