Bepanah Pyaar 30th January 2020 Written Update: PRAGATI TO KNOW ABOUT PRIYA’S AFFAIR

The episode starts with Pragati searching for Ranbir and Sahas sees her. She finds him tattooing her name on his chest. She gets emotional while Sahas watches angry. She asks what’s all this. He says it’s to prove his love for her. She asks if it’s paining. He asks her to give painkiller. She searches for medical shop. He takes her hand and keeps it on his chest.

Sahas gets angry as Pragati hugs him. They both confess their love for each other. He gives money to the tattoo artist and drives away with Pragati. Sahas falls down defeated and shouts. He says it’s only once he got his name written on his chest but he did that n number of times and why didn’t she notice it. He says everything has gone out of hands and it’s time for real play.

Ragbir and Pragati lost in each other’s thoughts. Ragbir wonders about the day and gets irritated about the night. Pragati confesses his love for Ragbir with his photo. Ragbir comes there and confesses back. He says that the day was so beautiful. They both gets into a same blanket. On the other hand Sahas fumes with PragBir’s love story.

Kunti acts hysterics and Sahas about Ragbir tattooing Pragati name in his chest. They all gets mad and Kunti leaves to find Ragbir but doesn’t find him in his room. Ragbir and Pragati are romancing in their roo.. Ragbir asks about Aman impressing Sheena. Pragati says that Sheena didn’t get impressed at all. Ragbir asks her not to lie and Pragati agrees. He asks for his reward.

Pragati is about to run away but Ragbir holds her. They both come close and he pushes the hair strands away from her face. They both have a romantic moment. Kunti sees then romancing hiding. He’s about to go to them but Sahas pulls her away. He asks what’s she doing. She says her fake cry and fake love didn’t work in front of Pragati and she lost in front of her. He asks her to understand that they should do something about it calmly.

Priya scolds Dev for not keeping up his promise. He says he has meetings and will come back after completing the meeting. However Priya cancels the date as she’s sure he will not come and cuts the call. She’s fuming when she gets Akshat’s message to meet at cafe at 3pm. She gets into thinking.

Ragbir and Pragati are in car and they are in call with each other. Ragbir scolds Pragati not taking her food. She promises to have breakfast now and he agrees. Pragati comes to cafe to have food and finds Akshat and Priya together. She gets shocked and is about to confront them but stops seeing so many people.

She goes back to car and wonders if she should inform Ragbir as Ragbir is already upset with her for hiding Shefali issue. Someone follows Pragati car and throws a letter with stone at her. Pragati reads the letter stating not to fly much.

Precap : Pragati traps Kunti