Bepanah Pyaar 6th February 2020 Written Update: Kunti to spike ragbir’s drinks

The episode starts with Pragati seeing Ragbir sitting strange. Pragati tries cheering him up but Ragbir says he’s fine. After Pragati leaves Ragbir falls unconscious. Kunti is holding a medicine bottle and says that now the real game will start. Sahas drops Pragati in her office and asks for their long pending lunch. Pragati agrees and leaves.

Pragati meets her long lost friend Jothi. They both greet each other. Pragati says about Sahas dropping her. Jothi says that she saw and warns her against Sahas. She says that except her whole college knows that Sahas is very possessive and obsessed over her very much. She says thar if Sahas hated so much anyone in college then it’s only Ragbir. She asks her to be careful and leaves. Pragati thinks that she’s having some misunderstanding.


Ragbir is drinking his milk shake. Kunti calls him and asks if he drank it. She cuts the call and says that now it will be fine. Ragbir once again sits startled. A staff tries calling Ragbir but he sits lost. He shakes him that Ragbir jerks. Water falls on Ragbir but Ragbir gets extremely angry and lashes out at the staff. Staff leaves apologizing. Pragati comes there and Ragbir says what happened.

Pragati removes his shirt to change but sees the wound still there. She gets shocked and asks Ragbir about it. He says that he daily applies the ointment given by Sahas but nothing gets cured yet. Pragati urges him to consult another doctor and takes him with her.

Doctor examines Ragbir and says that may be the ointment didn’t work and says that he’ll give another ointment. Pragati gets doubtful that being a good doctor Sahas still gave wrong medicine for Ragbir. Sahas calls Pragati for lunch but Sahas cutaway the call after lashing out at her. She recalls all their moments together and gets into thinking that whether what Jothi said is true.

Ragbir urges her to go as they are getting late for office. At evening Ragbir finds Pragati lost. Pragati hides the reason and Ragbir romances with Pragati. He’s about to kiss her but Sahas bangs the door breaking their moment.

Pragati gets angry at Sahas while Sahas says that he wants to speak with her. She asks him to wait and calms down an irritated Ragbir. She scolds him to behave while he leaves lashing out at her. Pragati starts getting doubtful on his intentions.

Next morning Priya gets Akshat call asking him to back off. He begs to meet for one last time and he won’t disturb her anymore. She agrees and turns to find Ragbir. She lies that she’s going to meet her friend and Ragbir asks her to go. Ragbir asks Shefali to eat well too. Kunti serves food for him too.

Ragbir sits to have food when Pragati messages him. She says that she made special breakfast for him in office and asks him to have with her. Ragbir says that he will have at office. Kunti thinks that Ragbir should drink the milkshake which has tablets and forces him to drink. Ragbir drinks it and leaves. Kunti smirks.