Beyhadh 2 Written Update 12th December 2019: Maya signs a confidential contract with Ruan Publication

Episode Begins with Ananya is telling MJ she has got a writer on board who is internationally acclaimed by readers and she is one of the bestseller writers. She says I got an investor due to this writer. MJ took the book in hand and says Maya.

Rudra runs behind the car of Maya after thinking about the words of Ananya. Maya smiles after looking at him and says I accepted your decision but I have one condition. Rishi is calling Maya but she rejected the call and does a meeting with Maya and she says you have to sign a contract with me on the agreement of confidentiality. Rudra checks the paper with his lawyer but MJ does play a cunning game with Rudra so that Rudra doesn’t get the investor and writer. He did it to win the bet of investing in the company. Ananya signs the paper as an investor as well and Rudra gives the paper to Maya and says I will never break the agreement.

Ananya informs Rudra we will be dead as the entire press and media persons are gathered in front of our office to take the interview of Maya. Riudra runs to stop Maya from going out whereas the press is ready to take interview of Maya and waiting for a special press conference. Maya is proceeding towards the door and Rudra is running to save her from going out, she is almost on the verge of getting clicked by the press when Rudra comes on time and saves her from being clicked and they both fall on the floor and roll on the floor.

Maya gets affected by his touch and proximity once again and throws him away. She lashes out at him but Rudra says what are you even talking? Do you really think I called these media people and press? She says you called the press even after signing the confidential contract. Rudra says even if they click your pictures then also what is the big deal? You are a writer and not a terrorists. Ananya comes there and says to Maya I called press and media as I got excited so much and I had no idea about the confidential agreement between you and us and trust me Rudra has no fault in the entire mess that took place here and Maya says I don’t excuse such mistakes. I don’t want to discuss stuff with you, Rudra says then you have to start putting up with her as she is one of the vital parts of the company.

Ananya requests Rudra to handle Maya as she is not only a writer but an investor too. Ananya assured Rudra that she will deal with the media persons and publishers. Maya looks at them from a distance and vows to break their friendship on right time with right reason. MJ comes at the office of Rudra and Maya gets terrified with his presence and starts to shiver in fear.

Precap : Maya hugs Rudra in the state of fear and starts to cry.