BhagyaLakshmi 17th January 2023 Written Update: Balwinder rejects Virendra’s proposal

BhagyaLakshmi 17th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sonal saying to Kiran that their work is done and Rishi getting married to Malishka. Kiran says finally destiny is uniting Rishi and Malishka. Sonal says that destiny is her and because of her Malishka is alive. Malishka comes with Rishi to Kiran. Malishka says her dream came true. Kiran says to Malishka now her dream came true. Malishka says now Lakshmi lost. Rishi takes Kiran’s blessings. Malishka thanks God as her dream came true. Sonal says to Malishka that she should thank her. Virendra calls Ayush and tells Ayush to bring Balwinder to himself. Lakshmi asks Bani if she is not going to talk to Lakshmi. Bani asks Lakshmi if she knows what Shalu and herself are going through because of her decision. Bani asks Lakshmi to say no to this marriage. Lakshmi apologises to Bani and says this marriage will happen.

Balwinder comes to meet Virendra. Balwinder asks Virendra why did he call him here. Virendra asks Balwinder to leave the thought of marrying Lakshmi. Balwinder says it will not happen and says he will marry Lakshmi. Ayush gets angry on Balwinder and shouts at him. Balwinder reminds Ayush of what did he go through to get Lakshmi. Ayush scolds Balwinder and asks Balwinder if he knows the meaning of love. Balwinder says he came here with dignity and that’s why he is showing them respect. Balwinder tells Virendra that he is going to marry Lakshmi and nobody can stop it. Virendra throws a cheque of Rs 5 crores and says to Balwinder that this is 5 crores. Virendra asks Balwinder to take this money and leaves from here.

Karishma and Neelam think that finally Rishi and Malishka are going to be together. Karishma leaves from there. Rano comes to meet Neelam. Rano asks Neelam if everything is going according to what she said. Neelam says yes. Neelam says she might worked really hard for this money. Rano comments on it. It is later shown Neelam hired Rano to do Lakshmi’s marriage with someone else. Neelam calls Rano and tells her to come to the address she sent. Rano agrees and comes to the address she sent. Rano gets a call from Neelam. Rano takes the call and says she came to the place she sent. Neelam says to Rano that she sent her driver with money and says Rano needs to marry Lakshmi with someone else. Neelam says she wants Lakshmi out of Rishi’s life. Rano agrees to the deal and takes the money from the driver. Rano tells Neelam how hard she worked to convince Lakshmi for the marriage. Neelam says there is no need for her to know all this and gives the money envelope to Rano. Rano sees the money and asks if this money is just advance. Neelam says she will give the money in 3 installments and says she will give the last installment after the marriage. Rano agrees and leaves from there.

Balwinder sees the cheque and comments on it. But Balwinder still stands firm on his decision and says he will marry Lakshmi. Rano sees Rishi coming into the Oberoi mansion. Rishi asks Rano why did she come here? Rano says she came here to meet Neelam and says she has a message from Lakshmi. Rano says Lakshmi said to be happy as they will not cross their paths again. Rishi confirms with Rano if Lakshmi really said this. Rano says yes. Rishi leaves from there.

Lakshmi apologises to Shalu and Bani in her heart. Lakshmi says she needs to do justice for Kamli as she thinks Kamli as her sister also. Lakshmi decides to not tell anyone about this.

Rishi and Malishka talk on a video call. Sonia comes and congrats Rishi as is going to marry Malishka. Sonia sees Malishka on the phone and congrats her also. Sonia asks Malishka to come to their home soon Rishi’s wife. Malishka agrees. Sonia says Rishi will be with you for a lifetime but now I will talk to him so bye. Ahana and Devika come there and argues with Sonia saying Lakshmi is correct partner for Rishi, not Malishka. Ahana tells that if Rishi feels from the heart then he will know that he loves Lakshmi. Rishi recalls his moments with Lakshmi and asks himself if he loves Lakshmi.

Episode ends.