Pushpa Impossible: Ashwin ready to have DNA test?

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Sab Tv popular show Pushpa currently focuses on Dileep’s comeback as Dharam Raidhan in Pushpa’s life.

Previously we have seen that, Ashwin and Chirag learnt from Manoj that Bapodhara was right about Dileep. Pushpa left with Deepti after school to meet DCP. Chirag and Ashwin followed them without them noticing it. Pushpa and Deepti arrived at Dharam’s hospital for Pushpa to identify Dharam. Ashwina nd Chirag came there following them.

Mansi was angry at DCP for crossing her limits. DCP said that she’s just doing her job and sent Mansi out. She called Pushpa in who gets shocked seeing Dharam. Deepti consoled her while Mansi and Ashwin wished for it to end immediately.

Later, Dharam spoke polite with Pushpa and Pushpa identified that his face resembled Dileep but his actions speak otherwise. She told that Dileep was never so polite and it can’t be him. Dharam himself suggested to have DNA test and DCP agrees.

In the future episodes we will witness, Mansi will be angry at DCP for troubling them further with DNA test. DCP will say that it’s not her wish but it’s a needed for the law. Ashwin will come there and is ready to co operate with DNA test to end the matter.

Will DNA test prove negative? Will redevelopment takes place? Will Pushpa learn that Dileep is Dharam?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
Stay tuned for more updates.