BhagyaLakshmi 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Ayush knocks Lakshmi out

BhagyaLakshmi 22nd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Malishka talking to someone on the phone about the marriage arrangements. Malishka asks Sonal where did she go? Sonal says she was right here. Sonal asks Malishka if Lakshmi is going to really marry Balwinder or not? Malishka says yes. Sonal asks Malishka if Rishi is going to interrupt this marriage. Malishka says no.

Rano gives the wedding dress to Lakshmi and asks Lakshmi to get ready. Shalu tries to destroy the wedding redress again but Balwinder’s Chachi warns Shalu not to do it. Balwinder’s Chachi says Balwinder told her everything and says he sent her here to keep an eye on them. Balwinder’s Chachi says she will be right outside and asks Lakshmi to get ready quickly. Lakshmi agrees.

Neelam talks badly about Lakshmi and her fortune but Virendra asks Neelam not to talk like that. Dadi also comments on it. Neelam says it is Lakshmi’s misfortune to marry Balwinder. Virendra says Lakshmi’s fortune will not be that bad and says if it is then he will pray to Bappa to change that fate. Rishi recalls his moments with Lakshmi. Rishi thinks of what Ayush said to him asking him to stop Balwinder and Lakshmi’s marriage.

Ayush disguises himself as a makeup artist and comes to Balwinder’s marriage. Balwinder’s Chachi asks Ayush who is she? Ayush introduces himself as a lady makeup artist who came to do makeup for Lakshmi. Balwinder’s Chachi asks Ayush to do the makeup quickly. Ayush agrees and praises Balwinder’s Chachi.

Guddu and Balwinder’s friends stop the Oberoi’s from entering the function hall as they think they came here to stop this marriage. Rano comes and gives clarity to Guddu that Virendra came to do Kanyadaan and asks him to leave. Guddu and Balwinder’s friends hearing this leaves from there. Rano apologises to the Oberoi’s for what happened. Rano invites the Oberoi’s into the marriage. Balwinder sees the Oberoi’s and asks Guddu why did the Oberoi’s come here? Guddu says Lakshmi called them and says Virendra is going to do the Kanyadaan.

Ayush comes to Lakshmi’s room disguised as a makeup artist. Shalu asks Ayush who is she? Ayush says he is a god sent messenger to save two loved ones from being separated. Ayush takes off his mask and says he came here to save Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks Ayush might create trouble for Kamli. Shalu hugs Ayusha and thanks him as he came here to take Lakshmi away. Lakshmi says she will not come with Ayush. Ayush hears Rano’s ringtone and thinks Rano might come at anytime. Rano takes the call and leaves from there. Ayush thinks he is saved as Rano didn’t come inside. Lakshmi says to Ayush that she will do this marriage. Ayush says it is her wish and sprays chloroform on Lakshmi’s face. Lakshmi loses her consciousness. Shalu and Bani ask Aysuh why did he do that? Ayush says he doesn’t have any other choice. Rano comes to Lakshmi’s room and asks Shalu and Bani if they are trying to stop this marriage? Shalu and Bani say no. Rano asks Lakshmi why didn’t she get dressed till now? Shalu says Lakshmi is doing makeup. Rano asks Ayush who is she? Shalu says she is a makeup artist. Rano asks Lakshmi why is she not opening her eyes. Ayush covers it up saying to Lakshmi not to open her eyes as the makeup might fall in her eyes. Rano says she will do her makeup and asks Lakshmi to get up. Rano sees that Lakshmi is staying silent. Rano asks Lakshmi why is she silent? Shalu makes up a reason. Rano gets a call from Balwinder asking Rano to come quickly as he can’t understand what the Pandit is saying? Rano says she is doing makeup. Balwinder reminds Rano of the money she will get and asks her to come quickly. Rano agrees.

Episode ends.