BhagyaLakshmi 30th January 2024  Written Update: Abhay vows to take revenge on the Oberoi family

BhagyaLakshmi 30th January 2024  Written Update On

The episode starts with Rishi convincing Lakshmi to take the medicine. Rishi puts the medicine on Lakshmi’s hand and Lakshmi drops the medicine. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she wantonly did this. Lakshmi apologises to Rishi. Lakshmi and Rishi search for the medicine. Lakshmi sees the medicine has fallen under the bed. Lakshmi asks Rishi to take it out. Rishi picks up the medicine and gives it to Lakshmi. Lakshmi takes the medicine. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he has any happy dreams. Rishi says to Lakshmi that he dreams that she became the old Lakshmi. Rishi recalls her moments with Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Rishi why isn’t he speaking anything. Rishi asks Lakshmi to go to sleep to have happy memories. Lakshmi says she will dream of Rishi doll playing with her everyday. Rishi agrees and asks Lakshmi to go sleep. Lakshmi agrees.


Malishka dreams of Rishi marrying Lakshmi and wakes up. Malishka shouts no. Abhay and Kiran ask Malishka what happened. Malishka says to her parents that she can’t bear it anymore. Malishka asks her parents why did Rishi leave her as he used to really love her. Abhay and Kiran asks Malishka to calm down and comfort her.

Rishi looks at his and Lakshmi’s photos and thinks of their happy moments and misses them. Rishi asks Lakshmi to get well soon looking at her as she is sleeping.

Abhay blames Virendra and Rishi for her daughter’s situation and decides to take revenge on them. Kiran asks Abhay that he can’t do anything right now. Abhay says he hasn’t done anything right now but he will do it soon.

Rano convinces Lakshmi to go with her to the hospital. Lakshmi doesn’t agree to it at first but she agrees to go with Rano to meet the doctor after some time.

Rano and Lakshmi run into Ayush. Ayush asks Rano where are they going. Rano says they are going to the hospital as Lakshmi is vomitting from yesterday. Ayush says to Lakshmi and Rano that he will also come with them. Rano’s agrees.

Ayush and Rano bring Lakshmi to the gynaecologist. Rano asks the doctor to check Lakshmi. The gynaecologist takes Lakshmi aside and checks her. The gynaecologist comes to Rano and Ayush that she suspects that Lakshmi might be 2 months pregnant and says she can only confirm it after the reports come. Ayush gets over excited hearing this. Rano asks Ayush not to tell anyone as it will be before the reports come out. Ayush agrees.

Ayush, Rano and Lakshmi return home. Lakshmi goes looking for Rishi to play disc with him. Lakshmi comes to Rishi and asks Rishi to play with him. Rishi agrees and plays disc with her.

Lakshmi throws the disc pretty far and she goes to get it. Rishi goes to make an important phone call. Lakshmi takes the disc and drops the flower pot and it breaks. A lady comes and complaints to Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

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