Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2024  Written Update: The cops arrest Jasbir

Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2024  Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Yug asking RV to drive carefully. RV asks Yug to shut up. Dadaji calls RV. RV attends the call. RV says to Dadaji that Prachi sent him the location of Purvi and he is going there and he will bring Purvi back no matter what. Dadaji agrees. Dadaji asks Dadi not to worry and says RV and Purvi are a match made in heaven.


The Pandit asks Jasbir and Purvi to stand up for doing Phere. Jasbir asks Purvi to get up and says they have to do Phere. Prachi says to Jasbir that what he is doing is wrong and asks Jasbir not to marry Purvi forcefully. Jasbir asks Prachi to keep quiet and comments on her.

Purvi recalls RV and decides to fight against Jasbir. Purvi says to Jasbir that she will not marry him. Jasbir seeing this points the gun to Purvi’s head to threaten her. Jasbir sees a lot of smoke and out of that smoke comes RV to Purvi and Jasbir’s location.

Dadaji and Dadi come to the Tandon family. Hermal and Harleen ask Dadaji what are they hiding. Dadaji says to Harleen that they got really worried hearing that Purvi got kidnapped. Dadaji says now there is nothing to worry about as RV is going to bring back Purvi and says RV gave his word to him. Dadaji leaves from there. Harleen asks Hermal to call RV that she is worried about him. Hermal agrees.

Purvi goes to RV’s side. Jasbir asks his men to separate them. RV and Yug fight with Jasbir’s men. Jasbir couldn’t shoot RV with the gun as he couldn’t see anything due to the smoke.

RV, and Yug rescue Prachi and Purvi and they escape from the room. All of them get into the car and try to leave from there.

Jasbir and his men stop RV’s car. Jasbir says to RV that this is his area and Purvi also belongs to him. RV fights with Jasbir. Prachi, Purvi, and Yug fight with Jasbir’s men. RV beats up Jasbir and says Purvi belongs to him. The cops come and take Jasbir and his men away from there.

Prachi and Purvi thank RV as he comes like an angel and he always saves them when they are in trouble. Yug says to Purvi that they have to leave. RV agrees.

Damini and Vikrant’s wife ask Harleen what is happening and where are the bride and Groom. Harleen says she will go and calls them and leaves from there.

Harleen asks Hermal what is he doing here as he said that he would go and bring RV. Hermal asks Harleen not to worry and says he talked to RV and he is bringing Purvi with him.

RV brings Purvi to the wedding venue. The Tandon family feels relieved seeing Purvi and Prachi safe and sound. Dadaji and Hermal make jokes to cheer up Harleen.

Episode ends.

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