BhagyaLakshmi 8th November 2022 Written Update: Balwinder decides to break Lakshmi’s fast

BhagyaLakshmi 8th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rano commenting on the moon. Bani asks Rano why does she do fast if she has that much problem? Rano says she did it for Preetam. Virendra invites Abhay who came to the Oberoi mansion. Kiran asks Abhay why did he come here? Abhay says Oberoi’s invited him. Ayush asks Mukesh where are Rishi and Lakshmi?

Balwinder calls Guddu and tells him what to do. Balwinder says now Lakshmi will see her moon and Balwinder will see his moon meaning Lakshmi. Ayush sees Vinni and tries to walk away. Vinni asks Ayush if he doesn’t want to talk to her. Ayush says there is nothing like that. Vinni asks Ayush then he will talk to her. Ayush says to Vinni that he has a girlfriend. Vinni asks Ayush to show his girlfriend’s photo. Ayush shows Shalu’s photo on his phone. Bani sees it and thinks Ayush loves Shalu. Bani goes to tell Lakshmi about it.

Rishi praises Lakshmi’s saree. Lakshmi asks Rishi then what about her? Rishi says she is a typical girl. Lakshmi asks Rishi to get ready. Rishi says he will first help her get ready then he will go. Lakshmi comments on what he said. Rishi helps Lakshmi get ready. Balwinder meets Guddu. Guddu asks Balwinder to get in the car. Balwinder says they are going to Oberoi mansion to break Lakshmi’s Vrath and says when Lakshmi sees the moon and she comes out he will go and feed Lakshmi and break her fast. Guddu comments on what he said. Balwinder asks Guddu to stop talking and start the car. Balwinder says to himself that Balwinder is coming to get Lakshmi.

Rishi helps Lakshmi to apply the lipstick. Rishi gets a sneeze and applies lipstick on her cheek. Rishi says she is looking good and Lakshmi looks in the mirror. Rishi apologises to Lakshmi. Rishi gives Lakshmi the lipstick. Rishi sees Lakshmi after she got ready. Rishi takes Kaala tika from Lakshmi’s eye and puts it behind Lakshmi’s cheek. Rishi says now she is perfect. Rishi asks Lakshmi to go and says he will also get ready. Lakshmi asks Rishi to stay the way he is as he looks good and asks Rishi not to change anything. Rishi also praises Lakshmi.

Abhay asks Kiran how is Malishka? Kiran says it’s not good and says it is Malishka’s dream to do this Karwa Chauth for Rishi. But now Lakshmi is doing it. Abhay says to Kiran not to worry about Malishka saying she is a fighter. Kiran agrees and says Malishka will one day make Rishi hers. Abhay agrees.

Rishi gets ready. Malishka sees Rishi and thinks he is looking good. Malishka accidentally slips and Rishi catches Malishka. Malishka praises Rishi saying he looks good. Malishka says to Rishi that she wants to talk to him about something. Rishi asks Malishka what is it about? Malishka says she wants to talk about them. Malishka says it is her dream for both of them to be together and begs Rishi not to shatter her dream. Rishi says everybody is waiting. Malishka gets angry with Rishi’s answer and asks if everyone is waiting or Lakshmi is waiting? Malishka says to Rishi that he has changed. Malishka starts talking badly about Lakshmi. Rishi says to Malishka it is enough and says he trusts Lakshmi until she is in his life and until there is Lakshmi Bhagya. Rishi leaves from there. Malishka says to herself then she will change his destiny and also this Lakshmi Bhagya and make Rishi hers.

Episode ends.

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