Bharathi kannamma 12th February 2021 Written Update: Soundarya senses trouble

Bharathi kannamma 12th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulasi is waiting outside the Kannamma’s ward. Lakshmi rushes towards her crying. Kumar and Lakshmi enquires her about Kannamma’s state? She replies to them that she is still unconscious. Lakshmi asks her to meet Kannamma. Tulasi sends her in and leaves to reception. Lakshmi runs towards Kannamma and hugs her tightly. She is crying seeing her mother condition.

Lakshmi complained to the unconscious Kannamma that she cheated her. She always used to skip the medicine. If something bad happens to her then she has no one else in this world. Lakshmi asking her to wake up soon. Kannamma gets conscious of hearing her voice. Kumar says to Kannamma that he felt guilt after reach the home leaving her alone.

Lakshmi poured her love on Kannamma and assures her that she will make sure of her safety. She complaints to Kannamma that she skipped medicine that’s why she got sick. Kannamma clears to her that she got sick after took that medicine. Lakshmi says to her she will call to Bharathi. Kannamma stops her. Tulasi feels happy to see Kannamma woke up.

Soundarya is feeling helpless thinking about the incident. Venu comes there and tries to convince her but she kept thinking about the photo. Venu advises to her its fell down mistakenly so don’t takes it to her heart. Soundarya deny it and strongly thinking something bad happen to Kannamma. She wishes to meet her once or learn from someone that she is doing well atleast.

Venu explains to her that they have no idea about Kannamma whereabouts? Bharathi comes there and questions Soundarya why did she looking so dull? Venu narrates to him what’s running on her mind. Bharathi thinks how comes mom senses that Kannamma is in danger. Bharathi asks her to take food by saying nothing will happen to her. Soundarya feels happy to hear it.

Shekhar is drinking while staring his marriage photo. He is sharing his grief to that. He is blabbering in his inferiority complex that his wife earning money. He is assuming things in his own and beating Sumathi with belt. Tulasi is waiting in reception. One nurse enquires to Tulasi Is she Bharathi relation? She deny it. Then informs to her that she asked help to Bharathi on the way so he rescued Kannamma in sympathy.

The nurse replies to her that he paid their all bills so she thought that Kannamma is his relative. She just wanna pay 2k rs. Tulasi thinks that he talked rudely with her but here he helped Kannamma this much. Its clearly showing how much he is loving Kannamma. Lakshmi takes Kannamma there. Kannamma enquires to Tulasi about the bill. She says to her let’s discuss it in the home. Kannamma walks out of the hospital.

Episode end.