Bharathi kannamma 20th February 2021 Written Update: Kannamma feeds Hema

Bharathi kannamma 20th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma is cooking sweets. Hema comes there and questions Kannamma. Did she know to cook all types of sweets? She replies to her not much but some. Hema says to her that Kannamma’s handmade payasam she gave to Soundarya she ate full. Now she gave athirasam to her she finished that soon. It seems she liked cooking aunty’s cooking. Kannamma thinks not only cooking but also she likes her a lot. Venu comes there and enquires to Hema what is hee cooking aunty doing?

Hema questions him why did he behaving like Soundarya? He can asks to Kannamma straightly instead of using her. Venu asks Kannamma to give one laddu to him. Kannamma replies she didn’t finished yet. She will give it once she finished. Venu says to her it seems sugar is less in laddu so add little more. Soundarya comes there and questions them what’s going on?

Hearing Venu she starts teasing Kannamma indirectly. Kannamma gives a fits reply to her in same way. Hema asks to Kannamma why is grandpa and Grandma behaving strangely today? But she is damn sure they are very happy today.

Akhil hugs Anjali emotionally. She questions him why is he crying? He replies to her it’s happy tears. He is very happy today reasoning Kannamma’s presence. Akhil says to Anjali that all happiness returned to our house through her. Akhil says to her in confident that Soundarya will stop Kannamma leaving the house at any cost.

Anjali thinks that Kannamma is very adamant in her decision. She wishes to leave the house after the work. Anjali thinks all are emotional fool in the house. Sumathi has bruises on her body. Lakshmi comes there so she hides it immediately. She questions to Lakshmi? Is she hungry?

She replies as no. Lakshmi notices her bruises and enquires her. But she lies to lakshmi. Kannamma is cooking with Mallika. Soundarya gets a call. She is talking with them and cancel the big amount project for Kannamma. Mallika informs to Kannamma that Bharathi didn’t changed yet, as well as Soundary too.

Soundarya and Venu are talking in garden. Akhil informs to them that Bharathi called him and said he is coming here. Soundarya gets nervous. Akhil replies to them that he smartly diverts him to buy book for him. Soundarya appreciates him. They leaves to take food.

Soundarya asks Kannamma to join with her. Kannamma deny it reasoning she ate. Soundarya says that she won’t allow anyone to work for her in hunger. Kannamma replies that she don’t have the habit to work in hunger. Akhil asks Hema to convince Kannamma.

Somehow Hema brings Kannamma there to joing with them. Kannamma is feeding to Hema. Soundarya is admiring her. Akhil takes a selfie.

Episode end.