Chithi 19th February 2021 Written Update: Yazhini vents out her anger by breaking things

Chithi 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini angrily leaving from the kitchen. Venba says she will fulfill the promise given to her chithi. She will befriend Yazhini and will find a good match for her. A furious Yazhini breaks things in her room.

Mallika and Gowri stops her. She yells that she can’t take it anymore. Venba is living the life that she wished for. Mallika asks her to be patient. If Kavin gets to know that they’re plotting to stop their first night, he will leave taking Venba to any five star hotel. Gowri also asks Yazhini to be patient since Mallika has a plan. Mallika brings a nurse.

The nurse injects anesthesia to Mallika. The latter says she’s taking such a risk in order to stop Kavin and Venba’s first night and prove to Yazhini that she’s on her side. The nurse says Mallika will be unconscious for an hour and leaves. Yazhini hugs Mallika. The trio go downstairs.

Meanwhile Kavin is getting ready for the first night. He’s talking to his reflection on the mirror. He says he will give Venba unconstitutional love. Mallika asks Venba what she’s still doing in the kitchen, Kavin must be waiting for her.

She compliments Venba’s beauty. Venba takes her blessings and goes to upstairs. Yazhini is scared that Mallika may have a change of heart. Gowri assures her that will not happen. Mallika gets seated feeling dizzy. Gowri and Yazhini start worrying for her

Venba comes to her room. She doesn’t find Kavin there. She looks for him. She remembers that he used to hide in the cupboard when he came to meet her in her chithi’s house. She says there’s no cupboard in this room. She checks under the bed. She shouts ‘sir’ getting shocked.

She panicks seeing Kavin unconscious and blood near his lip. She asks him to open his eyes. Kavin opens his eyes and says it’s a prank. He got the tomato sauce from the kitchen. Venba angry walks away. She sees the door lock is missing. Kavin doesn’t pay attention to it. He hugs her.

Venba says she can’t stay inside the room fearing that anyone can enter anytime. Kavin assures her that her family members are well mannered so no one will come, but maybe Yazhini could come, in fact she must’ve removed the door lock. He then adds he saw her going out of their room just before few hours ago. Kavin places a couch behind the door. Venba says he’s smart.

Kavin hugs and starts getting romantic with her. Otherside Mallika starts feeling uneasy. Yazhini asks she shall call the ambulance. Mallika asks her to wait. Kavin drags Venba closer and back hugs her. He places a kiss on her cheeks. Macha kanni song plays in the background.

The episode ends.