Bharathi kannamma 21st November 2022 Written Update: Bharathi’s firm decision

Bharathi kannamma 21st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma noticed Vanitha at the hospital. She inquires Vanitha about her health? She assured her that she is doing better. Baby catch cold that is why she takes her baby here for regular check up. Kannamma tells her that weather isn’t good. Raining Everywhere that is why childrence caught cold and fever asap. She asks her to give the medicine to Baby on time. Bharathi noticed Vanitha talking with Kannamma. Kannamma inquires Vanitha about her life? Doesn’t her husband taking a good care on her? Vanitha tells her that he is behaving worst now. Kannamma asks her doesn’t he thanked Bharathi for proved her innocence by taking DNA test. Vanitha tells her that he treated her well in these days. But he started behaving worst after he went to Village. Someone provoking him against her. He is accusing her for changed the DNA test results. He says that she gave money to Bharathi to change the results. He won’t do such act. He adds that baby looking different. Vanitha says that it’s hard for her to live with an psycho. She decided to move on from her life. She asked lawyer to give divorce. She tells her that she shouldn’t waste her life for him.

Kannamma feels bad for her. Vanitha adds that Kannamma and Bharathi wishes to see her leading a happy life with her husband. But he don’t deserve her. Bharathi thinks that no one allowed to play with him in DNA test result. He wishes to take that report before someone comes to know about it. Later, Hema thinks that Lakshmi may aware who is her father? Hema asks Lakshmi to say do she like her or not? Lakshmi tells her that she likes her a lot. Hema demands Lakshmi to swear on her head doesn’t she know who is her dad? Hema tells her that she shouldn’t lie to her. Something will happen to her if she lie. Lakshmi says to her that she know him. Hema asks her why she is hiding the truth from her? Lakshmi tells her that Mom asked her to hide this matter from her? Hema asks her why is she hiding it from her? Lakshmi tells her that no one said to her who is her father?

She used to trouble mom to learn about her father. She isn’t ready to reveal the truth to her. So she started inquiring about it and find the truth. Lakshmi demands Hema to don’t ask about him to her. Hema thinks that she wants to find out who is her father. Later, Bharathi meets Selvaraj and checks his health. His wife thank him for his help. Bharathi tells her that he is his old employee. It’s his duty to take care of him. Meanwhile, Bharathi worrying about the DNA test. He thinks that he shouldn’t take risk in this matter. He calls the technician and inquires him when will he get DNA test result? He assured him that he will get it in three days. Bharathi asks him does he allowed to collect the report from Delhi. Technician tells him that he will send email to him asap. Bharathi is adamant in his decision. He gives permission to Bharathi.

Bharathi thinks that he shouldn’t allow anyone to create a story again. He books the ticket to go to Delhi. He wishes to hide the truth from all until he gets the results in her hand. Later, Soundarya calls Kannamma and inquires her about both childrens. Kannamma assures her that both are doing well. Soundary tells her that Bharathi missing her a lot. Kannamma says to her that she isn’t searching for him but always troubling her to reveal who is her father? Kannamma shares her grief to her. Kannamma adds that Hema hating Bharathi. How will she reveal the truth to her in such situation? What if she start hate him more after learn the truth. Soundarya agrees with her.

Episode ends