Bharathi kannamma 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Bharathi to meet Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhil is searching for something serious. Venu comes there and enquires to Akhil. What is he searching in hurry? Akhil replies to him that he is searching for a pendrive. Venu questions him which pendrive? Akhil informs to Venu that Bharathi writes one song for Kannamma in his own. Akhil whom composed it for him. He placed it here but he has no idea where is it? Venu asks to him why is he searching for it now?

Akhil says to him that he going to play that song to brings back the beautiful memories of them. Akhil finds the pendrive. He connects it with speaker. Venu and Akhil plays it to get Kannamma’s attention. Kannamma feels emotional hearing the song. She gets flashes of her past memories. Akhil comes near Kannamma and says to her it’s an beautiful song. Kannamma replies to him that she finds all lines lie in that song.

Akhil says to Kannamma that he is so happy after a long years because of Kannamma’s return. She replies to him that she is here to cook. Akhil says to Kannamma that he never consider her as stranger she is a second mom to him. He calls Anjali there. Akhil and Anjali falls on Kannamma’s feet. She blesses them. Kannamma says to Akhil that she is mere a cook not more then anything. Akhil leaves from there. Shekhar and Lakshmi are sitting in dining.

Shekhar asks Lakshmi to eat the food. Lakshmi is lost in her thoughts. Shekhar asks Lakshmi to eat with omelette when she is not reacting to anything. He tries to feed her. Lakshmi refuses to eat with his hand and runs out of his house. Shekhar lashes out at Sumathi for giving clue to Lakshmi. Sumathi deny it. Shekhar leaves from there angrily.

Soundarya asks to Hema Is she happy now after Kannamma came here? She replies as yes. She shares to Soundarya that Kannamma is giving her mom’s vibes to her. Soundarya thinks she is her mom. Hema complaints that Bharathi didn’t reach yet. Bharathi and Venba reach to home. Kannamma notices them and hides.

Bharathi says to Venba that super smells coming from kitchen. Kannamma thinks that Bharathi has no shame to live with Venba. Hema greets Bharathi and gets gift from him. Bharathi gives the book to Akhil. Hema tells him that her cooking aunty is here. Soundarya diverts Bharathi and Venba and sends them to search for the reports.

Episode end.