Bharathi kannamma 23rd July 2021 Written Update : Kannamma refuses to go with Bharathi

Bharathi kannamma 23rd July 2021 Written Update On

The episode starts with Soundarya says to Venu that she doubt whether Bharathi calls her or argued with Kannamma? Venu says to her that it’s matter of Hema’s life so he won’t play with her. Bharathi reaches there. Soundarya enquires to him where is Kannamma? Is he really went to her house or time passed outside? Anjali comments that she may didn’t agreed to come here? Soundarya asks him to say what happened? Bharathi complaint to them that they mentioned her as pure heart and loves Hema a lot. She will come for Hema but she is showing her attittude to him. She showed her real self. Venu demands him to explain it.

Bharathi says to him clearly that she refused to come here instead she asked him to leave Hema in her house. He complaints that she teased him a lot. He controlled his anger because he was in need. Venu says that Kannamma like Hema a lot so there is no chance to behave like that. Bharathi complaints that all are blaming him now too. Anjali Tella him may she said like that because she has one daughter too how will she came here leaving her daughter? Bharathi asks her to stop supporting her sister. Soundarya says whatever happens Kannamma done wrong this time doesn’t she know about Hema’s state then why did she behaved like this? Bharathi tells her that she wanna take revenge on him. She is using this situation.

Venu complaints that Soundarya also wrong in this matter. What’s wrong in it if they leave Hema in Kannamma’s house? Doesn’t he know Kannamma take care of Hema like her own daughter? It’s not a matter where she is staying Hema’s health matters. Bharathi asks him to stop talking like this he was the one Upbringed her so he know well to how to take care of her. Kannamma thinks that Bharathi is talking in his own wish. Is she a toy to shake her head in all matters. Tulasi comes there and teases her for Bharathi visited her. Kannamma reveals the truth to her.

Tulasi tells her that Hema is pity. Kannamma says to her if she go there leaving her self respect he used to call her often. She is not her servant to listen him always. She says to her clearly if he wanna take care of her he might bring her here. Bharathi is caressing Hema’s hair. He questions Hema Is he torturing her for his ego? He apologise to her for everything. He shares to her how much she meant to him and fears everyone will separate her from him. He tells her that he went to call her leaving his ego but she refused to come here.

Hema blabbers in sleep about Cooking mom. Bharathi gets irritate to hear it. Bharathi reminds Doctor Priya’s word. He reminds Kannamma’s word and Venu’s words too. Bharathi thinks he can’t able to wait anymore. He must take one decision now. Soundarya complaints to Venu that everything happening opposite to their thoughts. Venu tells her that they don’t know what actually happened there? We have no option then believing Bharathi’s word. Soundarya tells him that Kannamma came to hospital without delay but she refused now may she has some reason for it.

Anjali tells her nothing to worry Bharathi will take a good decision. Venu asks Soundarya to talk with Kannamma one time. She says to him doesn’t Kannamma cleared her opinion. Soundarya says to him that she expected Bharathi and Kannamma live together in this house. Venu tells her that Kannamma life is a tragedy one. She suffered a lot when she was pregnant she refused to accept their help. She doesn’t know yet that Kannamma gave birth to twins. She went far from them and came back after 8 years. Unaware of the blood relation Hema and Lakshmi came close.

Hema loves kannamma like her own mother. Soundarya says to him that she is not getting a chance to unite the twins. Venu tells her that situation is far better then before. Now a days Bharathi starts face Kannamma straight. So soon everything will be alright!

Episode ends.