Bharathi kannamma 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Durga threaten Venba

Bharathi kannamma 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Bharathi enters into operation theatre. He stare Kannamma whom laying on bed and crying in labour pain. His heart ache seeing her there he talked to himself that she is not his wife Kannamma whom betrayed him and carrying another one child just think her as a patient. He wears operation uniform and getting ready to do delivary to her. Nurse hide the gap with curtain so Kannamma can’t able to see Bharathi there. She is crying in pain. He comes behind the curtain and checking her, Kannamma is pushing the baby.

Soundarya is in temple worshipping god and begging to God for Kannamma safe delivary. She sits infront of the idol and crying for Kannamma safety. Here Kannamma is crying in pain. Nurse too helping her to push the baby out. Suddenly she feels an long pain baby comes out. Soundarya lighting the comphor on her palm for Kannamma and praying to god emotionally. Akhil staring her the way praying to god.

Bharathi take the baby out. Kannamma feels tired and wish to see the baby. Bharathi hugged the baby to give warm. He feels very emotional seeing that baby there. He remind the way he blamed her aa characterless and baby is someone else. Bharathi eyes fills with tears so he forward the baby to nurse and she show her child to Kannamma she kissed the baby and faints down in tired. Bharathi leaves the operation theatre emotionally.

Akhil driving the car he ask to Soundarya why did she done that tough prayer to god. She replies to him that she is scared of some emotional feelings. Her only intention is to save Kannamma and baby nothing else. Akhil says to her nothing will happen to her delivery is simple in this days. When we are back they will give her grand kid on her hand. Soundarya turns happy. They crossed Bharathi without meeting him.

Nurse informed to them Kannamma gives birth to a baby girl. She showed baby to them. Soundarya turns emotional seeing that baby and carried it happily. She is sharing beautiful words with her. Nurse taken back the baby in. Kannamma got the second labour pain. Nurse surprised to see it she has no idea what to do because no doctor is available there. She inform this news to Soundarya that Venba didn’t done Kannamma delivary but someonther duty doctor now he is also left. Akhil and Soundarya curse that Venba. She goes in to do the delivary with Nurse. She gives birth to an another baby.

Durga taking Venba with him in auto by threatening her with Knife. He is cursing her as a devil. She is not even a girl too that’s why she tried to kill Kannamma and unborn baby. While going police checking all vehicles. Durga has no idea what to do next ?