Bharathi kannamma 2nd August 2021 Written Update : Barathi shouts at Venba for interfering in his personal life

Bharathi kannamma 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba lamenting that Barathi didn’t inform her about visting Kannamma’s house. Barathi comes there and apologizes to Venba for coming late. He says that he met their classmate on his way. Venba says that he can tell the truth that he has visited his wife Kannamma before coming here. Barathi admits it, and tries to explain. But Venba cuts him saying that he would say that he went to visit Yema.

Venba further says that Barathi changed now, he’s no longer mad at Kannamma, he may accepted her mistake like many men in the world. Barathi shouts stop it and shouts at Venba. The latter argues with Barathi and asks if Barathi forgot that Kannamma cheated on him. Barathi requests Venba to stop. Venba continues and says not to sacrifice his self-esteem for Yema. Barathi shouts that Yema is more important for him. He adds that he doesn’t need to tell everything to Venba as it’s his life. He tells Venba to stay out of his life and angrily leaves from there. Venba fumes and says that she will see him when he will come back to her.

Saoundarya brings Yema and Lakshmi to a restaurant. The kids order ice cream while Saoundarya orders fresh juice. Yema tells to add cookings and nuts over the ice creams. Lakshmi asks Yema what it’s. Yema explains her. Saoundarya asks Yema about her experience at Kannamma’s house. Yema says that she had lot of fun there and she didn’t expect that Lakshmi will also come there. Saoundarya then asks the same question to Lakshmi. The latter says that she also had fun.

Yema and Lakshmi feed the ice cream to each other. Then they feed the ice cream to Saoundarya. The latter admires them and thinks in mind that she separated the kids thinking they will unite their parents, but it didn’t happen in these eight years, but now at least Barathi’s hatred for Kannamma and Kannamma’s anger for Barathi have decreased. She hopes that hereafter the kids will unite with their parents. Lakshmi says that the ice cream is very yummy.

Saoundarya asks if she shall order one more. Lakshmi denies saying that her mother will scold her if she learns that she ate ice cream. She’s very strict. Lakshmi tells that her mother has put strict rules like going to bed early and not to play games on the mobile. Saoundarya says that Lakshmi is good in study. Lakshmi admits it and says that she will become collector in future. Yema says that she will become doctor like her dad. Saoundarya clicks the kids photos. The kids check the photos and argues who is taller among them.

Yema asks Lakshmi her date of birth, then she herself says that she born on 5th September, they both born on same date and month, so they will decide with the year and ask on which year she born. Lakshmi says that she born in 2013. Yema gets surprised and says that she also born in 2013. She asks how it’s possible, only twins can born like this on same date, month and year. Saoundarya gets tensed hearing this. Saoundarya diverts the topic saying that girls usually doesn’t say their year of birth as they don’t want others know their age. They tell her to eat fast as they have to do some more purchase.

Anjali is lamenting that she won’t be alive after her delivery. She decides to hide this from Akhilan. She reads on the internet a wife, who died after giving birth to her baby, was taken promise from her husband that he should get remarried. Anjali says that she also do the same so that her baby will get a mother. Akhilan brings pomegranate for Anjali. He talks to the baby. He cares for Anjali. Akhilan tells about an hospital which is famous for practicing normal delivery. Anjali tells that Akhilan should remarry if she can’t survive after the delivery. Akhilan gets angry and shouts at Anjali for being pessimistic. Anjali tries to talk time him, but he leaves from getting upset.

The episode ends.