Bharathi kannamma 30th September 2020 Written Update: Sondarya met with an accident

Bharathi kannamma 30th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Prabhu traying to attack Kannamma with knife whom coming opposite to him. Before he approaching her Durga comes in between and pushed the knife away then blocked him. Both starts to start to fight with each other in the road. Kannamma noticed it and shouts for help , she is unaware of Durga whom fighting there because she is facing his back.

Some people came near her and advised her to go from there , these fights were usual there. Kannamma leaves quietly. Durga warned them to stay away from Kannamma. He trearen them he will take revenge for trying to kill him and Kannamma after he warned too. They leaves in bike. Durga enquired about Kannamma to that man he replies she went. Durga thought she is living in this area so he can find her easily.

Soundarya searching for Kannamma in bare foot. She asking to everyone one by one about Kannamma showing her picture , but she is not getting a positive reply from anyone there. She felt dizzy and sits there one random lady made her drink the water and ask her to search the person after she got well.

Akhil and his dad reached home. His dad doubts where is Soundarya she is missing in garden. He shares his doubt with Akhil he convinced him she may be inside. He replies to him that she is too adamant she never listen others. They enquired to Arivu she replies that she met her in garden before. They start to search for her in that house. Trio leaves to search her outside. Nimmi says Queen and princess left the house now Anjali is the Queen of the house she can enjoy it. She smiles proudly.

While searching Kannamma she hurts her leg . She couldn’t walk more in that pain. She blames herself for the state and decides to find her at anycost..if die also doesn’t matter she must find her. Soundarya misunderstood one woman as Kannamma and turns her. She apologized to her for misunderstanding her as her daughter in law. She asked to the auto driver he too gives the negative reply to her. Soundarya getting hallucination of Kannamma there. She says Kannamma is punishing her for Bharathi’s mistakes.

Akhil driving the car , his father and Arivu blaming Soundarya for her blunder. Why did she making the situation is too difficult for them. Now they wanna search Kannamma and Soundarya at same time. His father says Soundarya is adamant woman she didn’t changed it even after 30 years. What’s the need to search Kannamma by herself when they are searching for her without rest. Akhil says she is heart patient that’s why he is worriying a lot of her.

Durga entered into Venba house angrily . Seeing him there Venba got shocked. Durga says to her what did she trying to do after he warned her so much ? Didn’t he warned her that he gonna be Kannamma bodyguard then how dare her to send goons to kill her. Even she tried to kill him in hospital placing pillow on his face.

He says he couldn’t react back but his brain registered all the incident. He added he didn’t allowed her goons to even touch her. Venba moving backward and takes gun in her hand without his knowledge. He says to her he will confess all truth to Bharathi , Kannamma and Soundarya. He can able to say this to media also because she has no rights to say she is an doctor. She must feel the ignorance .

Everyone should spit their saliva on her then only she will hang herself to death in shame that’s the only reason he left her alive by saying this he about to go. Venba stops him pointing the gun on him. He pretend to act convincing her and diverting her mind and chased the gun from her then locked her in his arms. He treaten her to kill her with gun and push her down. He again warn her to stay queit. She again point gun at him but he replies bullet is with him so get ready to meet the worst day in her life. Frustrated Venba hits her head on tank and starts to bleed.

While going to stall Soundarya find Kannamma and shouts her name loudly. Kannamma shocked to see her there and ran from there hiding herself apologizing . Soundarya follows her and met with an accident. Kannamma rushed near her and cries placing her head on her lap. Soundarya smiles seeing her Kannamma blames herself for her state and admitted her in hospital giving Akhil contact information there.

They informed to Akhil. Kannamma waiting there crying bitterly she often blaming herself for her state. When they reached there Kannamma hides herself from them. Akhil convincing his dad ,he is broken hearing her state. Kannamma stands aside and hearing them talking about blood. Anjali hides to them she is having same group of Soundarya. Kannamma donates her blood to her and decided to pray for Soundarya recovery.