Karthika Deepam 30th September 2020 Written Update: Karthik takes Deepa to home

Karthika Deepam 30th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Karthik calls Mounitha but she won’t attend his call. Deepa walks fastly thinking Sourya may gets scared at home. Karthik thinks why Deepa is walking to home, don’t she have money? Mounitha stops her car Infront of Deepa and asks from where she is coming and offers to drop her.

Deepa says I don’t need your help and why you’re roaming in night time. Mounitha says I came to meet Karthik and she insists Deepa to come with her. Deepa denies rashly. Mounitha thinks her plan is worked. Karthik asks why you’re denying Mounitha help. Deepa says I can’t go with her. Karthik says go with her because your area is filled with drunken men.

Deepa tries to leave but Karthik says wait I will drop you. Mounitha says but you have to give tablets to Hima. Karthiks asks Mounitha to give tablets to his Mom and takes Deepa with him. Mounitha feels irritated seeing her plan misfired on her.

Soundarya checks Hima and thinks their is lots of difference between twins Sourya and Hima, I’m not able to answer Hima questions and I’m culprit who made you Orphan so please forgive me.

Mounitha reaches to Karthik place and thinks how to go inside escaping from Anji than she wears mask and goes inside but she notices Anji coming from stairs and switches off all the lights. Anji thinks why generator didn’t on and goes to check the switches. In this time Mounitha goes upstairs while Anji switches on the lights and he thinks maybe sensor turned of the switches.

Mounitha goes to Hima room and sees Soundarya with her and thinks it’s better if I reveal Deepa is her mom to Hima and everyone is playing with her than Anji truth will become lie. Soundarya sees her. Mounitha about to talk but Soundarya signs her to be silent and closes Hima door and takes Mounitha aside and asks why you came here.

Mounitha gives tablets than Soundarya throws them saying my son went to bought them so you don’t need to come here searching reasons. Mounitha says I’m not Deepa to search reasons, Karthik sends tablets with me and went to drop Deepa at her place. Soundarya says why Deepa is roaming in night time. Mounitha says asks her and you bring Hima to create new history telling Karthik Hima is Orphan, he believed it but now Hima is waiting for her parents, don’t you have love for Hima?

Why You and Deepa are stating silent ,I’m unable to see Hima pain, don’t know how you’re bearing it. Soundarya says so what. Mounitha says maybe one day I will reveal the truth. Soundarya says don’t try to blackmail me, you want to live that’s why you’re not revealing the truth so leave from here because we don’t need your free suggestions. Mounitha says it’s a valuable suggestion so take care and leaves. Soundarya thinks why Deepa came to outside at this time.

Deepa sees Karthik and he asks why you’re seeing. Deepa saying our bond will snatch us together, you threw me from your house but when I’m walking alone you came to help me, what to say about this. Karthik says it’s humanity. Deepa says even I’m coming to help you because if Humanity.

Karthik says you can’t get what you needed but why you came to my house leaving Sourya? Why you’re walking alone in the roads? What if something happens to you. Deepa says she is cat Infront of her husband only and becomes Rowdy to Rowdies.