Bigg Boss 13 12th February 2020 Written Update: A shocker awaits for all the 7 contestants inside the house!

Today’s episode starts with Siddharth Shukla answers question put up by Rajat Sharma. Rajat questions why he don’t perform any duties. Siddharth says which ever duty he was allotted he performed it. He defends himself when Rajat says he performed less duty throughout the season. Next, accusation on Siddharth was he cracks jokes on others but don’t take when any one jokes on him. Sid says it’s not like that. Afterwards, Sid explains about his animosity with Rashmi. He says Rashmi lies a lot that’s why he shares a cold talk with her.

Siddharth concludes the Rashmi’s topic and says afterwards they will remain good with each other. Rajat next asks he saved Paras but not Shehnaz and Aarti because he thinks Paras can’t be a good competitor for him. Sid clarifies and says he never seen Sana as his competitor and he always wanted to repay Paras. He says Sana is his competitor he is saying that in a positive way. Rajat concludes his talk with Sid and asks him to start forgiving others including Rashmi and Asim.

Ahead, Rajat Sharma calls Aarti Singh in witness box and showers questions on her. She was questioned on her personality and her equation with Siddharth. Aarti says Sid has always supported her in the game and she can’t question Sid this time why he didn’t save her but Paras when Rajat asks her why Sid didn’t saved her from the nomination.

Thirdly, Shehnaz sits in the witness box. Rajat asks and says accusation on her is that she is a great gamer. Shehaz defends herself and says initially she didn’t understand the concept of the show but later after reading what is happening in the show she started playing the game. Ahead, Sidnaz was questioned. Shehnaz says Sid and she was before than only SIDNAZ was made. She says she is comfortable with Sid thus sits with him. Rajat makes Sana see her clip where she was beating herself. Sana says when Sid says something she gets hurt and to satisfy herself she beats herself. Sana concludes her question answer session by singing a song.

Lastly, Mahira comes and Rajat Sharma asks her she is only seen with Paras and don’t look with anyone else. Mahira defends herself. Rajat wishes luck to the 7 contestants and bids adieu.

After, Sid and Rashmi talks about the article which Sid quoted while answering to Rajat. The duos tries to clear their misunderstanding. Later, Sid, Paras, Mahira and Sana discuss about spider task. Sana says Sid’s strategy was wrong during that task. Sid argues with each other.

When Siddharth indirectly taunts Asim and says to Sana that now he will say he used her. Asim argues with Siddharth for unnecessarily dragging his name in his fight with Sana.

Day 136 At 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of Kajrare song. Afterwards, Sid talks with Aarti and takes stress thinking how he will face everyone outside. Aarti says they have to prepare herself.

Day 136 At 10:45 PM; Bigg Boss gives a secret task to Paras. He asks through his gesture he has to make contestants believe that house is possessed with the ‘Bhoot’. He says he can inculde Sid in his task.

At 11 PM; Paras says to Asim he is feeling someone’s presence. Asim asks him not to stress maybe a cameraman.

At 11:15 PM; Paras explains a task to Sid too. Later, Paras tries to scare Mahira and Aarti. he tells to them that he saw some shadow in the house.

At 11:45 PM; Paras and Sid talks about crow. Sana asks what happened if crow is there. Paras says it’s not a good Owen. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Housemates gets scared late at night. Vicky Kausal tells about eviction!